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About Uskudar University:

Uskudar University is one of the best universities located in Turkey. Its vision to be the foundation of a leading and global mindset, in which research and work programs are created with an innovative, futuristic teaching-learning spirit to educate and produce knowledge professionals, leading to significant community development. Its mission is to raise people to create a new generation of scientific solutions to the basic problems and needs of humanity, especially in the areas of behavior and health, respect for the environment and nature, and the protection of their corporate values.

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Detail of Uskudar University Turkey Scholarships:

Country: Turkey

Host University: Uskudar University 

Degree: Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs

Eligibility: International Students

Categories: Undergraduate scholarships / Bachelors scholarships, graduate scholarships, Masters scholarships, postgraduate scholarships, Ph.D scholarships, doctoral scholarships

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Undergraduates and Postgraduates Programs:

There are certain programs that are being taught at Uskudar University. Undergraduates and Postgraduates programs have different departments and institutions. From the below-given list, you can find all the programs that are eligible to study after selection at Uskudar University.

Undergraduate Programs:

Faculty of Medicine:

  1.     Surgical Sciences
  2.     Medical Sciences
  3.     Basic Sciences

Faculty of Communication:

  1.     Cartoon and Animation
  2.     Visual Communication Design
  3.     Public Relations
  4.     Media and Communication
  5.     Radio, Television and Cinema
  6.     Advertising
  7.     New Media and Journalism

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences:

  1.     Philosophy
  2.     Psychology
  3.     Psychology
  4.     Political Science and International Relations
  5.     Sociology
  6.     History

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences:

  1.     Forensic Science
  2.     Computer Engineering
  3.     Bioengineering
  4.     Electrical - Electronics Engineering
  5.     Industrial Engineering
  6.     Chemical Engineering
  7.     Molecular Biology and Genetics
  8.     Software Engineering

Faculty of Health Sciences:

  1.     Nutrition and Dietetics
  2.     Child Development
  3.     Speech and Language Therapy
  4.     Midwifery
  5.     Occupational Therapy
  6.     Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  7.     Nursing
  8.     Occupational Health and Safety
  9.     Audiology
  10.     Orthosis and Prosthesis
  11.     Perfusion
  12.     Health Management
  13.     Social Work

Graduate Programs:

Institute of Addiction and Forensic Sciences

  1.     Criminal Justice
  2.     Department of Forensic Science
  3.     Forensic Sciences

Institute of Sciences

  1.     Bioengineering
  2.     Biotechnology
  3.     Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  4.     Molecular Biology
  5.     Cyber Security
  6.     Computer Engineering

Institute of Social Sciences

  1.     Clinical Psychology
  2.     Media and Cultural Studies
  3.     Neuromarketing
  4.     Practical Psychology
  5.     New Media and Journalism
  6.     Visual and Communication Design
  7.     Psychology

Institute for Sufi Studies

  1.     Sufi Culture and Literature

Institute of Health Sciences

  1.     Addiction Consultancy and Rehabilitation
  2.     Child Development
  3.     Health Management
  4.     Masters in Health Informatics
  5.     Speech and Language Therapy
  6.     Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  7.     Nursing
  8.     Occupational Health and Safety
  9.     Neuroscience
  10.     Social Work
  11.     Health Management
  12.     Nursing
  13.     Speech and Language Therapy
  14.     Molecular Neuroscience
  15.     Neuroscience
  16.     Occupational Health and Safety

Vocational School of Health Sciences:

  1.     Elderly Care Services
  2.     Anesthesia
  3.     Audiometry
  4.     Autopsy Assistantship
  5.     Biomedical Device Technology
  6.     Care and Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities
  7.     Child Development
  8.     Child Protective and Nursing Services
  9.     Dental Technology
  10.     Dialysis
  11.     Electroneurophysiology
  12.     Emergency and Disaster Management
  13.     Emergency and First Aid
  14.     Environmental Health
  15.     Food Technology
  16.     Health Information System Technics
  17.     Home-Care Service
  18.     Laboratory Technology
  19.     Management of health institutions
  20.     Medical Documentation and Secretarial
  21.     Medical Imaging Techniques
  22.     Medical Laboratory
  23.     Medical Promotion and Marketing
  24.     Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
  25.     Merchant Seaman’s Health
  26.     Mouth and Dental health
  27.     Nuclear Technology and Radiation Safety
  28.     Operating Room Services
  29.     Opticianry
  30.     Orthopedic Prosthetics and Orthotics
  31.     Pathology Laboratory
  32.     Perfusion Techniques
  33.     Pharmacy Services
  34.     Physiotherapy
  35.     Radiotherapy
  36.     Social Safety
  37.     Social Work
  38.     Worker’s Health And Job Safety

Different Scholarship options at Uskudar University:

There are different scholarship packages available at Uskudar University for different programs like Undergraduate scholarships / Bachelors scholarships, Masters scholarships, Ph.D scholarships. All the relevant detail is given below:

The scholarships are applicable for bachelor's degrees, masters, doctoral degrees and other vocational courses. Different benefits are available for different types of scholarships.

OSYM Scholarships:

Students who will choose one of the undergraduate courses at Uskudar University will be given 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% tuition fee waiver granted by the *ÖSYM.

*ÖSYM: It is also known as the Measuring, Selection, and Placement Center which is the body solely responsible for organizing the national level university entrance examination Student Selection and Placement System, and also several other large scale examinations in Turkey.

Preference Scholarship :

Applicants who will receive undergraduate courses at Uskudar University as 1st preference will be given 25% fee discount, as 2nd preference 15% fee reduction will be granted, and 3rd, 4th, 5th preference will have 10% fee discount.

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First 5 Preferences Scholarship :

As its name shows that those students who will choose about 5 undergraduate/bachelors programs of Uskudar University as their first preferences on OSYM will receive a 25% discount.

University Entrance Scholarship:

Those students who will be on the list of the first 1000 students according to the results of OSYS and choose Uskudar University's undergraduate programs as preference will receive a monthly stipend of 1000TL throughout the academic year.

Sibling Scholarship:

The siblings of current students of Uskudar University will get a 10% fee reduction.

This scholarships is also applicable for masters degree scholarship.

Institution Scholarship:

Applicants who may be as members of children of members of Turkish Army, Ministry of Family and Social Policies, University and National Education, the Ministry of Health, Police Department, etc. Such students will also receive a 10% fee reduction.

This scholarships is also applicable for masters and doctoral degree scholarship.

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Special Deprivation Scholarship:

There is 50% fee reduction to such students who grew up without mother and mother during their primary studies, children of veterans or martyrs, or who grew up in the dormitories of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies.

This scholarships is also applicable for masters degree scholarship.

Sports Scholarship:

Those applicants who have submitted the documents for National Athlete will get 25% fee reduction.

Science, Art, Religion and Culture Scholarship:

Such applicants who have success internationally in the fields of Science, Art, Religion, and Culture will receive 20% discount and if they have success nationally then they will receive 10% fee waiver.

International Baccalaureate Scholarship:

If you have an International Baccalaureate diploma grade of 32 or more then you can get 25%  fee waiver.

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TÜBİTAK Scholarship:

Those students who have earned bronze, silver or gold medals in any international competitions and it should be identified by TÜBİTAK will get a monthly stipend of 300TL during the academic period.

Academic Achievement Scholarship:

After ending of each semester, those students who received training a minimum of 2 semesters and gained GPA of 3.50 or above will receive 10% fee waiver. Besides this, there are other conditions that are applicable too like below:

  1.  20% fee waiver for 3.60-3.69
  2.  30% fee waiver for 3.70-3.79
  3.  40% fee waiver for 3.80-3,89
  4.  50% fee waiver for 3.90-4.00

Personnel Scholarship:

Those who are employees of Uskudar University their first-degree relatives and siblings will get 50% tuition fee waiver.

This scholarships is also applicable for masters degree scholarship.

Graduate Scholarship:

Those students who have graduate degrees from Clinical and Applied Psychology programs from Uskudar University and are placed in a doctoral degree program from UU will get 20% fee waiver.

This scholarships is also applicable for masters and doctoral degree scholarship.

The Board of Trustees Scholarship:

The Board of Trustees can also give scholarship opportunities at a self-determined degree. 

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Foreign Student Scholarship:

If applicants are enrolled under the foreign quotas will receive a discount fees schedule.

Disabled Student Scholarship:

Not only healthy but disabled students are also eligible to get scholarship depends upon their disability rates, which are given below:

  1. 25% discount if Disability is 40%
  2. 30% discount if Disability is 40%
  3. 35% discount if Disability is 60%
  4. 40% discount if Disability is 70%
  5. 45% discount if Disability is 80%
  6. 50% discount if Disability is 90% or more

Vertical Transfer Scholarship:
Such programs that allow vertical transfer through DGS will also get a 50% fee waiver.

Grade Scholarship:

Such applicants who have gradute degree other than Uskudar University and were listed as the top of the class will get 30% fee waiver in clinical Psychology. This scholarship is only for Masters degree program.

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