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Anyone can join our Premium WhatsApp Group to avail premium services from experts. The Premium WhatsApp Group members can get benefits of Free Seminars, Free Live Supports, Webinars, Tips & Tricks, Applying Process for Opportunities, Major Discounts on Professional Writing / Review Services, and much more...!

Benefits of Premium WhatsApp Group

   WhatsApp Premium Group Member, will have access to Detailed Applying Process of Every Opportuity.

   As a premium user, you will be able to attend special seminars / webinars from experts. Our team will arrange 4-5 seminars / webinars from experts on weekly and monthly basis.

   Premium Member will have access to Live Support / Chat with experts. Members will get proper response of any queries.

   The user of Premium WhatsApp Group will get extra application tips / tricks that will increase your chances of getting selected. Furthermore, our team will share complete details of eligiblity criteria, required documents and other important things.

   Our Premium WhatsApp Group member, can get a chance to become our Campus Brand Ambassador of ScholarshipsTree Network in your Country - university / Institutes / College / Schools. We consider all our Campus Ambassadors to be part of ScholarshipsTree Team. A team member will get the free t-shirt and other material from ScholarshipsTree Network.

   There are Free Gift Packs for our Premium WhatsApp Group Members on Monthly basis.

   Premium Member success stories will be featured on the ScholarshipsTree Social Platforms and on website.

   As a premium user, you will get a 30% discount on our Professional Writing / Review services.

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  Monthly Subscription Charges - 10$ Only
  Yearly Subscription Charges - 96$ Only

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