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The Oxford Pershing Square Graduate Scholarships represent a golden opportunity for those with big aspirations. Established through a powerful partnership between the renowned Pershing Square Foundation and the University of Oxford, these scholarships serve as a gateway to realizing ambitious dreams. This article aims to delve into the profound impact of these scholarships, shedding light on how they possess the potential to be a life-altering force for those who are fortunate enough to receive them.

If you're driven by a desire to leave a positive mark on the world, then these scholarships are tailor-made for individuals like you. Picture them as a launching pad for those eager to tackle significant challenges. The University of Oxford, with its rich history and global reputation, provides the perfect setting for these scholarships to flourish. More than just books and lectures, they embody a call to action, urging scholars to translate their knowledge into tangible, real-world change.

The Oxford Pershing Square Graduate Scholarships are designed for passionate individuals eager to lead change. They are crafted for those who see the world's challenges not as obstacles, but as opportunities for innovation. Oxford, a hub of intellectual activity and a crucible of ideas is the natural home for such transformative scholarships. Here, students are not only encouraged to think differently but are also equipped with the tools and resources to turn those thoughts into solutions.

One of the remarkable facets of these scholarships is their commitment to diversity and inclusion. They stand as a beacon, inviting individuals from all walks of life and areas of interest to come together. In today's complex global landscape, where challenges range from climate change to healthcare disparities, we need a tapestry of thinkers and doers. The Oxford Pershing Square Graduate Scholarships are a deliberate effort to nurture and amplify the brilliance that exists within every unique mind.

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Eligible Courses:

  1. The Master of Public Policy 
  2. MSc in Advanced Computer Science
  3. MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice
  4. Department of Computer Science
  5. MSc in Education (Comparative and International Education) 
  6. MSc in Education (Child Development and Education)
  7. MSc in Pharmacology
  8. MSc Education (Digital and Social Change)
  9. MSc in Education (Higher Education)
  10. MSc in Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation 
  11. MSc in Comparative Social Policy 
  12. MSc in Economic and Social History
  13. MSc in Sociology
  14. Faculty of History
  15. MSc Law and Finance (MLF)
  16. Magister Juris 
  17. MSt in Music (Composition)
  18. MSt in Modern Languages
  19. MSt in Music (Musicology)
  20. MSt in Music (Performance)
  21. MSc in Migration Studies
  22. MSt in Comparative Literature and Critical Translation
  23. MSc in International Health and Tropical Medicine.
  24. MSc in Social Anthropology
  25. MSc in Social Data Science
  26. MSc in Social Science of the Internet
  27. MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation, and Management
  28. MSc in Visual, Material, and Museum Anthropology 
  29. MSc in Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology 
  30. MSc in Sustainability, Enterprise, and the Environment 
  31. MSc in Environmental Change and Management
  32. MSc in Nature, Society, and Environmental Governance
  33. MSc in Contemporary Chinese Studies
  34. MSc in Water Science, Policy, and Management
  35. MSc in African Studies
  36. MSc in Latin American Studies.
  37. MSc in Japanese Studies.
  38. MSc in Modern South Asian Studies.
  39. MSc in Russian and East European Studies.

Benefits of Oxford Pershing Square Graduate Scholarships 2024:

If you want to study at Oxford University under the Oxford Pershing Master Scholarship, Then please keep it in mind that you will get the following benefits:

  1. The recipients of this scholarship will get full tuition fees 
  2. The recipients will also get £17,668 / year to cover their living expenses. This amount is for both years of study
  3. Scholars will get free study in UK
  4. You will get a lot of networking opportunities with a lot of other students because there will be students from every corner of the world
  5. Scholars will also attend different conferences and workshops 

Selection Criteria:

Applicants will be short-listed in April. The selection committee will call to short-listed candidates in late April or early May.

Eligibility criteria:

  1. Applicants should take admission to 1+1 MBA partnering program before the selection process
  2. You must take admission to any full-time one-year Master course
  3. Applicants should have very good communication skills in English
  4. Applicants living in any part of the world are eligible to apply
  5. The academic results of the applicants should be excellent
  6. Applicants should return to their home country after completing their studies
  7. Applicants should have a strong commitment to their studies


Please keep in mind that every program has its own specific deadline. you can see more detail in their Partnering Program. But you have to apply before 5 January 2024 for the 1+1 MBA Program and master program. You can see more details related to this on the Graduate Admissions Website

How to apply for Oxford Pershing Square Graduate UK Scholarships?

Applicants must have to apply online. Applicants should submit the complete application for both of the courses. Besides this, applicants must also submit the scholarship essay. You have to write an essay consisting of 500 words with the title "How do you intend to change the world and what does this tell us about you as a person?"

Please apply before the deadline otherwise your application will be rejected

ScholarshipsTree Network wishes you good luck for your future success!

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