NUCB Scholarships for International Students is a great opportunity for worldwide students to study in Japan by providing them such amazing scholarships. 

About NUCB:

NUCB Undergraduate School is a private, non-profit, university that is located in the heart of  Nisshin  City, Japan. The school was founded by the Korimoto Educational Institute (KEI), a legally recognized educational institution. Founded in 1953, it was the first Japanese undergraduate institution to be fully recognized by AACSB International (in 2006). Their mission is to train modern and ethical leaders who have a "ʻFrontier spirit" and to create knowledge that promotes business and community. Their undergraduates will be able to reduce the gap between Asia and the rest of the world. They support the best academically gifted students with over 20 types of scholarships. About all of their students receive scholarships. Such students will be given MacBook Air who will not select for the scholarship. It is also possible to sum up scholarships, for example, before admission, accommodation, and JASSO onions.


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NUCB Scholarships for International Students:

There is a bundle of Undergraduate Scholarships for international students, their detail is given below:

Pre-Admission Scholarships:

  1. These scholarships fall in the category of before-admission scholarships. Applicants who must have to get excellent results in the entrance examination will be rewarded with the NUCB Tuition Reduction Scholarship. Following conditions will be considered:
  2. Scholarships will be given to only those students who will have "Student" status of residence from admission until the completion of the undergraduate degree program. After Enrollment, The scholarship will be given to selected students
  3. You also have to pay the full amount required at the time of entry
  4. Scholarships will be given for up to 4 years. Please remember that selected students will have to meet the requirements in order to continue the scholarship
  5. Students have to pay the dues of MacBook Air if they are also a scholarship recipient

Types: Academically Outstanding Students

Scholarship Categories:

  1. Type 1: 900,000 JPY per year
  2. Type 2: 600,000 JPY per year
  3. Type 3: 300,000 JPY per year

International Baccalaureate Scholarship:

They are giving scholarships for IB Diploma and they are providing 300,000 JPY tuition discount for such students who will get 32 points or high. 

  1. Type: International Baccalaureate
  2. Scholarship Amount: 300,000 JPY stipend


NUCB Housing Scholarship:

 This scholarship will also be provided for 4 years. This scholarship will be given to excellent students. Different amounts of the stipend will be given.


Meito (Chiyoda Dormitory):

  1. Type 1 : 40,000 JPY
  2. Type 2 : 35,000 JPY
  3. Type 3 : 30,000 JPY

Higashiyama Annex (share house)

  1. Type 1 : 35,000 JPY
  2. Type 2  :  30,000 JPY
  3. Sanbongi Dormitory : 10,000 JPY
  4. Sanbongi Campus Dormitory : 10,000 JPY
  5. Sagamine Dormitory : 10,000 JPY


Post-Admission Scholarships:

 These scholarships are meant for post-admission Scholarships. 

Merit-Based Scholarships:

 This scholarship will be given purely on merit basis. 

Type: Categories

  1. Founder's Scholarship: Bi-Annual Amount 100,000 JPY
  2. President's Scholarship : Bi-Annual Amount 50,000 JPY
  3. Alumni Scholarship : Annual amount 100,000 JPY
Students must have an attendance rate of 95% or higher than GPA of 2.8.

FULLY FUNDED Study Abroad Scholarships:

Full-time students can also apply for the following 3 international programs in the following categories:

  1. Double Degree Program
  2. Exchange Program
  3. Summer Program

Types : Scholarship Amount

  1. Double Degree Program Scholarship : Airfare + Tuition Fee
  2. Exchange Program Scholarship : Airfare + Accommodation + Tuition Fee
  3. Summer Program Scholarship : Airfare  + Tuition fee
  4. Global Field Study Program : Airfare  + Travelling Cost + Tuition fee
  5. Gap Year Program Scholarship : Airfare + Euro Rail + Accommodation
  6. Language Program Scholarship : Tuition Fee + Airfare
  7. International Volunteer Project Scholarship : Round-trip airfare
  8. TOEFL iBT Test Scholarship : 15,000 JPY

Programs Available:

  1. Global BBA - EN
  2. BSc in Economics - JP
  3. BSc in Management - JP
  4. BA in Int'l Studies - JP
  5. BSc in Commerce - JP
  6. BBA - JP
  7. Graduate School of Management

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