Duke University Merit Scholarships in USA 2024 | Fully Funded

Duke University Merit Scholarships in the USA are a beacon of opportunity for incoming first-year students seeking to pursue their higher education dreams in the United States. These prestigious scholarships, offered by one of the country's most renowned institutions, open doors to exceptional academic experiences and a world-class education. Duke University has a longstanding tradition of recognizing and nurturing exceptional talent, making it a sought-after destination for aspiring scholars from across the globe.

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In today's competitive academic landscape, securing financial support for your education is paramount, and Duke University Merit Scholarships provide a compelling solution for students with outstanding academic achievements. These scholarships not only alleviate the financial burden of tuition but also serve as a testament to the university's commitment to fostering excellence in education. As a result, Duke University stands out as a top choice for international and domestic students who are passionate about their academic pursuits and are eager to make their mark in the USA's dynamic educational landscape.

What sets Duke University Merit Scholarships apart is their dedication to recognizing talent in various academic disciplines. Whether you are an aspiring scientist, artist, engineer, or social activist, Duke's scholarships cater to a diverse range of interests and fields of study. This inclusivity not only encourages academic diversity but also ensures that deserving students from all backgrounds have the opportunity to excel in their chosen paths. In essence, Duke University Merit Scholarships embody the essence of the American Dream by providing access to a world-class education and a brighter future.

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In conclusion, Duke University Merit Scholarships in the USA epitomize the pursuit of academic excellence and equal opportunity in higher education. These scholarships not only support the aspirations of talented students but also contribute to the vibrant and diverse academic community at Duke University. If you are an incoming first-year student with a passion for learning and a desire to study in the USA, exploring the range of Duke University Merit Scholarships is a important step towards fulfilling your educational ambitions and shaping a promising future.

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Eligible Programs:

The following list is representing eligible majors at Duke University. Besides this, you can see more at Duke University Programs

  1. African & African American Studies
  2. Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
  3. Art History
  4. Biomedical Engineering
  5. Biology
  6. Civil Engineering
  7. Biophysics
  8. Brazilian and Global Portuguese Studies
  9. Chemistry
  10. Classical Languages
  11. Classical Civilization
  12. Dance
  13. Computer Science
  14. Cultural Anthropology
  15. English
  16. Earth and Climate Sciences
  17. Economics
  18. Electrical and Computer Engineering*
  19. Environmental Sciences
  20. Environmental Engineering
  21. Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies
  22. Evolutionary Anthropology
  23. French Studies
  24. Global Health
  25. German
  26. Global Cultural Studies
  27. Interdisciplinary Engineering & Applied Science (IDEAS)
  28. History
  29. Interdepartmental Major
  30. Linguistics
  31. International Comparative Studies
  32. Italian & European Studies
  33. Mechanical Engineering
  34. Marine Science & Conservation
  35. Mathematics
  36. Neuroscience
  37. Medieval and Renaissance Studies
  38. Music
  39. Public Policy Studies
  40. Philosophy
  41. Physics
  42. Political Science
  43. Spanish, Latin American, and Latino/a Studies
  44. Psychology
  45. Slavic and Eurasian Studies
  46. Religious Studies
  47. Romance Studies
  48. Russian
  49. Visual and Media Studie
  50. Sociology
  51. Theater Studies
  52. Statistical Science
  53. Visual Arts

Duke University Merit Scholarships:

Duke University offers a bundle of scholarships with funded and fully funded opportunities to study in the USA. You can be selected for any of the below-given scholarships. Click the relevant link to see more details about that opportunity. 

Karsh International Scholarship

Benefits oF Scholarship:

  1. Tuition Fee

  2.  Room and board

  3. Mandatory Fees

  4. Three summers of funding for research

  5. Internships

 You can see more information at Karsh International Scholarship 

Angier B. Duke Scholarship

 You can see more information at Angier B. Duke Scholarship 

Alumni Endowed Scholarship

 You can see more information at Alumni Endowed Scholarship 

Benjamin N. Duke Scholarship

 You can see more information at Benjamin N. Duke Scholarship

Mastercard Foundation Scholarship

 You can see more information at Mastercard Foundation Scholarship

Reginaldo Howard Memorial Scholarship

 You can see more information at Reginaldo Howard Memorial Scholarship

David M. Rubenstein Scholarship

 You can see more information at Rubenstein Scholarships

Trinity Scholarships

 You can see more information at Trinity Scholarships

University Scholarship

 You can see more information at University Scholarship

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Eligibility Criteria:

  1. You should be an international students to apply
  2. Applicants with dual nationality including the U.S and one with other country can also apply
  3. Applicants must fulfill the finanial aid form with correct detail to apply for Duke Univesity USA Scholarship
  4. Applicants must not have and bachelor degree while applying
  5. Applicants should have strong academic performance
  6. You have to submit all the required documents 
  7. Applicants should have leadership skills

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Short Detail of Duke University USA Scholarship:

State: USA

Financial Aid: Fully Funded and Parially Funded

Host University: Duke University

Duration: 4 years

Degree: Bachelor's programs

Eligibility: International Students


There are different deadlines for different scholarship opportunities at Duke University. However, THe Early Decision deadline is 1 November 2023 and the regular decision deadline is 2 January 2024

How to apply:

You have to see the official website of Duke University to apply. You can see the relevant link below. You have to create your account on the online Duke University application portal. Fill out the application form with the correct details. Do not give any of your wrong information. Give all the relevant documents. You should also fill Financial Aid form. Carefully, read your application before submitting it. 

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