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Embarking on a journey of academic excellence while easing the financial strain is made possible through Tulane University Scholarships in the USA. These sought-after scholarships, including the renowned Stamps Scholarships, present an exceptional opportunity for students worldwide to pursue their education in the United States. With a strong commitment to fostering talent and diversity, Tulane University offers a range of scholarships that open doors for aspiring scholars to study in the USA while focusing on their personal and academic growth.

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Tulane University stands out as a beacon of educational advancement for international students aspiring to study in the USA. Through a variety of scholarships, including the esteemed Stamps Scholarships, the university ensures that exceptional students have access to world-class education without the constraints of financial burden. These scholarships are not solely centered on academic prowess but also emphasize qualities like leadership, community engagement, and unique talents. By offering these opportunities, Tulane University aims to create a vibrant community of scholars who are poised to excel not only academically but also as well-rounded individuals.

When it comes to USA scholarships, Tulane University offers a tapestry of options that cater to the aspirations and talents of international students. The Stamps Scholarships, alongside other merit-based awards, showcase the university's dedication to recognizing excellence across various fields of study. By providing scholarships that span disciplines and embrace diversity, Tulane University empowers students from around the world to embark on an educational journey that aligns with their passions while experiencing the enriching environment of studying in the USA.

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In summary, Tulane University Scholarships in the USA, including the prominent Stamps Scholarships, offer an inviting gateway for international students to pursue their educational aspirations in the United States. By emphasizing diverse talents, leadership qualities, and academic achievements, these scholarships exemplify Tulane University's dedication to providing an enriching environment for students to excel and make a positive impact on a global scale.

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Dean’s Scholarship:

Dean Scholarship is one of the prestigious scholarships at Tulane University. IT will cover the full tuition fee for the coming international undergraduate students. TDeadn Scholarship is a renewable scholarship. Students must have to maintain at least a 3.0 CGPA in the undergraduate degree program in order to meet the requirement to renew this scholarship program.


Applicants should have good academic performance to apply. Sportsmen can have more preference for selection. Applicants should also have high scores on Tulane University Admission Test. English Proficiency Certificate is a must to apply.

Paul Tulane Scholarship:

Paul Tulane will give a full tuition fee waiver for the selected students. The renewal criteria for Paul Tulane are the same as Dean Scholarship. Selected students should maintain a 3.0 CGPA throughout the program in order to maintain the scholarship program.


Applicants should have good academic records with extraordinary performance. If the applicant is involved in co-curricular activities then it is also good for the selection. The test score of the Tulane Admission Test should be great. English Proficiency Certificate is required

Stamps Scholarship:

The Stamps Scholarship is one of the most recognized awards. The number of awards is five. Stamps Scholarship will be given to domestic as well as international students. Stamps Scholarships are for those who have innovative and leadership qualities. The stamps scholarship will cover the total cost of attendance which includes Tuition fees, Meals, and living. Students will also get research opportunities, internships, and conferences. The eligibility criteria for Stamps are the same as above Deans and Paul Tulane.

Sotomayor Full-Tuition Scholarship:

This full tuition Fee USA Scholarship will give to those students who have extraordinary academic records and are interested in Public Service. There are other scholarships available at Tulane University like Louisiana Resident Scholarships, Artistic Scholarships and International Scholarships. Some Scholarship awards range from $1000 to $10000.

Eligible Majors and Minors:

  1.     Accounting
  2.     Africana Studies
  3.     Anthropology
  4.     Arabic Studies
  5.     Architecture
  6.     Art History Major
  7.     Asian Studies Major
  8.     Biological Chemistry Major
  9.     Biomedical Engineering
  10.     Cell and Molecular Biology
  11.     Chemical Engineering
  12.     Chinese Language
  13.     Classical Studies
  14.     Cognitive Studies
  15.     Communication
  16.     Computational Engineering
  17.     Computer Science Coordinate
  18.     Creative Industries Certificate
  19.     Dance
  20.     Design Minor
  21.     Digital Media Practices Coordinate
  22.     Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  23.     Economics
  24.     Electrical Engineering Certificate
  25.     Energy Specialization for BSM Students
  26.     Engineering Physics
  27.     Engineering Science
  28.     English
  29.     Entrepreneurial Management Specialization for BSM Students
  30.     Environmental Biology Major
  31.     Environmental Earth Science
  32.     Environmental Studies
  33.     Exercise Science
  34.     Film Studies
  35.     Finance Major
  36.     French
  37.     Gender and Sexuality Studies
  38.     Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor
  39.     Gender Based Violence Cert
  40.     Geographic Information Systems Certificate
  41.     Geology
  42.     German Studies or
  43.     Greek Major
  44.     Health and Wellness
  45.     Historic Preservation
  46.     History
  47.     Homeland Security
  48.     Information Technology
  49.     Italian
  50.     Japanese Language
  1. Jazz Studies
  2.     Jewish Studies
  3.     Latin American Studies
  4.     Latin
  5.     Linguistics
  6.     Marine Biology
  7.     Marketing
  8.     Materials Engineering Certificate
  9.     Mathematics
  10.     Mechanical Engineering Certificate
  11.     Medieval and Early Modern Studies
  12.     Music Science and Technology
  13.     Music
  14.     Musical Cultures of the Gulf South Coordinate
  15.     Musical Theatre
  16.     Native American Studies
  17.     Neuroscience
  18.     Philosophy
  19.     Philosophy Minor
  20.     Physics
  21.     Political Economy
  22.     Political Science
  23.     Portuguese
  24.     Psychology and Early Childhood Education
  25.     Psychology
  26.     Public Health
  27.     Real Estate
  28.     Religious Studies
  29.     Russian
  30.     Social Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship
  31.     Social Policy and Practice Coordinate
  32.     Sociology
  33.     Spanish and Portuguese
  34.     Spanish
  35.     Strategy, Leadership & Analytics
  36.     Studio
  37.     Teaching, Learning, and Training
  38.     Theatre
  39.     Urban Studies Minor
  40.     US Public Policy Minor


The last dates to apply for Tulane University Scholarship are November 15 and December 5. You can see more important dates at Deadlines

How to apply for Tulane Scholarship USA:

For those aspiring to study in the USA, the path to success is illuminated by Tulane University Scholarships. The application and selection process for these scholarships is a rigorous yet rewarding journey. Aspiring scholars are required to present their academic achievements, extracurricular involvements, leadership experiences, and unique talents. You should complete the Online Application for admission. You also have to complete your CSS profile by the relevant deadline. You can find more information on their official website.

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