Embarking on a Master's journey is an exciting endeavor, and the Tongarewa Scholarship offered by Victoria University of Wellington presents an excellent opportunity for aspiring scholars worldwide. With a commitment to fostering academic excellence, this scholarship caters to both Master’s by Research and Master's by coursework programs, making it a versatile avenue for postgraduate studies. The allure of studying in New Zealand adds an extra layer of appeal, with the country being renowned for its high-quality education and picturesque landscapes. For those seeking financial support, the Tongarewa Scholarship boasts a significant value ranging from $5,000 to $10,000, a testament to the university's dedication to facilitating the educational aspirations of deserving candidates.

As the pursuit of higher education becomes increasingly global, Victoria University of Wellington's Tongarewa Scholarship stands out as a beacon for international students seeking Master's scholarships. The scholarship's inclusive nature, welcoming applicants from around the world, aligns with the university's commitment to diversity and creating a rich multicultural learning environment. For individuals aspiring to advance their academic journey in New Zealand, this opportunity becomes a gateway to not only quality education but also an immersive cultural experience. The scholarship's value, ranging between $5,000 and $10,000, further underscores the university's dedication to supporting postgraduate students in their pursuit of knowledge and research excellence.

Victoria University of Wellington's Tongarewa Scholarship emerges as a coveted option for those contemplating Master's studies, whether through research or coursework. The scholarship's all-encompassing nature, covering a wide array of postgraduate courses, opens doors for individuals across various academic disciplines. New Zealand, with its vibrant culture and top-tier education system, serves as an idyllic backdrop for this academic pursuit. The Tongarewa Scholarship, valued at $5,000 or $10,000, provides a tangible means for international students to fulfill their educational aspirations in a country known for its academic prowess and stunning landscapes.

In the landscape of Master's scholarships, Victoria University of Wellington's Tongarewa Scholarship stands out as a beacon of opportunity for students worldwide. The scholarship's flexibility, catering to both Master’s by Research and Master's by coursework, demonstrates the university's commitment to accommodating diverse academic paths. Aspiring scholars considering postgraduate studies in New Zealand will find this scholarship especially appealing, given the country's reputation for world-class education and its welcoming atmosphere. With a monetary value ranging from $5,000 to $10,000, the Tongarewa Scholarship serves as a financial catalyst for international students pursuing excellence in their Master's journey at Victoria University of Wellington.

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Short Detail of Victoria University of Wellington's Tongarewa New Zealand Scholarship:

Country: New Zealand

Financial Aid: Funded

Host University: Victoria University of Wellington

Duration: Varies years

Degree: Master’s by Research and Master's by coursework Programs

Eligibility: International Students

Eligibility Criteria for Tongarewa Scholarship at Victoria University:

  1. The Victoria University Tongarewa New Zealand Scholarship is availabe for worldwide students
  2. Internationa tuiton fees are applicable for international students
  3. Applicants must have a very strong academic background
  4. Applicants must be entering their first year of an undergraduate degree or entering a postgraduate degree
  5. You are no eligible if you completed your secondary education at a New Zealand school
  6. if you completed the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) or Foundation Studies Programme then you are also no eligible


Benefits of Victoria University Tongarewa Scholarship:

  1. Financial Aid: Tongarewa Scholarship provides financial support, with awards ranging from $5,000 to $10,000.

  2. Global Accessibility: Open to students worldwide, fostering a diverse and inclusive academic environment.

  3. Versatile Programs: Covers Master’s by Research, Master's by coursework, and various postgraduate courses.

  4. Academic Excellence: Ensures a high-quality education through Victoria University of Wellington's esteemed programs.

  5. Research Opportunities: For Master's by Research applicants, the scholarship opens doors to impactful research projects.

  6. Cultural Immersion: Studying in New Zealand offers a unique cultural experience, enhancing overall education.

  7. Networking Access: Tongarewa scholars gain a global network of peers, alumni, and industry connections.

  8. Career Support: Acts as a stepping stone for academic and career goals in diverse fields.

  9. Language Skills: Enhances proficiency in English through an immersive academic environment.

  10. Holistic Development: Encourages personal growth, fostering well-rounded global citizens.

Documents Required for Tongarewa Scholarship 2024:

  1. Academic transcripts
  2. University offer letter (conditional or unconditional)
  3. Personal statement (maximum 500 words)
  4. References (if required)


The Last date to apply for the Togarewa Scholarship Trimester 2 is 1 June 2024. For Trimester 3, the deadline is 1 September 2024.

How to apply for Togarewa New Zealand Scholarship?

All the application process is online. Read the instructionscarefully before applying, also you have to apply earlier before the deadlie. All the relevant information is given on their official website. 

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