Get ready to complete your Bachelors or MS degree in china on fully funded scholarship given by Chinese Scholarship Council. Applications are now invited from all over the world for Dali University CSC Scholarship 2020 for International Students to pursue their Bachelors and Master degree programs.

Dali University CSC Scholarship 2020 - Fully Funded - Study in China

Dali University is a renowned university in China. Dali University is a very famous international university. To date, 41 foreign universities or institutions are closely associated with Dali University with a aim of best teaching and educational research, serving the missions of local and provincial communities and making them popular and accessible in the country.

Every year the Chinese Government offers a bundle of scholarships for Worldwide Students in different universities of China. China Scholarship Council under the Chinese Government is a non-profit educational organization that manages the different exchange of international education with China. CSC provides access to Chinese nationals to study abroad and foreign students and scholars to study in China. The agency will also provide scholarships primarily to individual universities.

An international applicant for a Chinese scholarship, also known as a CSC Scholarship, can apply for a CSC Scholarship at several Chinese universities at the same time. According to details by the China Scholarship Council, students from all over the world are free to pursue scholarships and university admissions in China. However, you must fill out a separate CS Online Scholarship application and apply for it separately at each university.

The Dali University CSC Scholarship 2020 is a great opportunity for students from around the world to complete undergraduate / bachelors and graduate / Masters programs. The scholarship period is 3 years and 4 years (depending on the program you choose). There is a bundle of programs for undergraduate and graduate level. Programs are available in Chinese and Middle English courses. The CSC Scholarship 2020 covers all major student expenses, such as full tuition, housing, health insurance, monthly stipends and more. Students of any nationality are eligible to apply.


Dali University CSC Scholarship 2020 Detail:

Funds Coverage: Fully Funded

Country: China

Host University:  Dali University

Supported By:  Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC)

Degree Level:  Bachelors and Masters Degree Programs in many fields

Duration: Depends upon the program you choose


Dali Universities has a wide range of departments and bundle of programs which is offering many Bachelors and master programs to international students to study CSC Scholarship 2020. Students can take enroll themselves in any courses. This list of departments and available bachelors and masters programs is given below: 

  1. National culture institute
  2. School of Clinical Medicine
  3. Basic Medical School
  4. School of Public Health
  5. School of Pharmacy and Chemistry
  6. School of Nursing
  7. academy of Marxism
  8. Law school
  9. School of Economics and Management
  10. School of Education Science
  11. College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences
  12. School of Mathematics and Computer
  13. College of Engineering    Foreign Language School    School of Sports Science
  14. Art school
  15. Continuing Education
  16. East Himalaya Institute    Economic Research Institute
  17. Pharmaceutical Research Institute

Available Bachelors Programs:

  1.  Social sports guidance and management
  2.  Sports Education
  3.  Animation
  4.  Environment Designing
  5.  Visual Communication Design
  6.  Painting
  7.  Music Performance
  8.  Musicology
  9.  Ideological and political education
  10.  Laws
  11.  Economics
  12.  Public Utilities Administration
  13.  Financial Management
  14.  Hotel Management
  15.  Tourism Administration
  16.  Primary School Education
  17.  Preschool Education
  18.  Applied psychology
  19.  Burmese
  20.  Thai
  21.  Translation
  22.  Business English
  23.  English
  24.  Advertising
  25.  International Chinese Education
  26.  Journalism
  27.  Chinese Language and Literature
  28.  Architecture
  29.  Biomedical Engineering
  30.  Electronic Science and Technology
  31.  Electrical Engineering and Automation
  32.  Statistics
  33.  Communication Engineering
  34.  Information Security Science
  35.  Computer Science and Technology
  36.  Mathematics and Applied Mathematic
  37.  Landscape Architecture
  38.  Horticulture
  39.  Environmental Science
  40.  Biotechnology
  41.  Biological Science
  42.  Chemistry
  43.  Clinical Pharmacy
  44.  Pharmaceutical Science
  45.  Food Quality and Safety
  46.  Hygienic Examination
  47.  Preventive Medicine
  48.  Rehabilitation Science
  49.  Nursing
  50.  Medical Imaging Technology
  51.  Medical Laboratory Technology
  52.  Pediatrics
  53.  Stomatology
  54.  Clinical Medicine

Available Masters Programs: 

  1.  Preschool Education
  2.  Primary School Education
  3.  Chinese Ethnic Economy
  4.  Chinese Ethnic Art
  5.  Chinese Ethnic History
  6.  Ethnology
  7.  Pharmaceutical Science
  8.  Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  9.  Emergency Medicine
  10.  Anesthesiology
  11.  Oncology
  12.  Otolaryngology (ENT)
  13.  Ophthalmology
  14.  Obstetrics and Gynecology
  15.  Surgery
  16.  Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics
  17.  Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine
  18.  Dermatology and Venereology
  19.  Neurology
  20.  Pediatrics
  21.  Internal Medicine
  22.  Forensic Medicine
  23.  Pathology and Pathophysiology
  24.  Pathogenic Biology
  25.  Immunology
  26.  Human Anatomy and Embryology

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Financial Aid Coverage: 

Dali University is one of the best universities in China which is located in the province Yunnan. Dali University is giving maximum benefits with the help of Chinese Government to international students so that world wide students can complete their studies with every possible ease.Its a great chance for all the students to avail this scholarship. However, financial benefits detail is given below: 

Expenses Which Will Cover By CSC Scholarship 2020:

  1. Full Tuition Fee
  2. Registration Fee
  3. Internship 
  4. Laboratory Fee
  5. Free Accommodation
  6. Monthly Stipend
  7. Comprehensive Medical Insurance

Eligibility Criteria:

In order to apply for CSC Scholarship 2020, applicants must have to follow the given criteria.

Eligible Countries:  Applicants belong to \any nationality are eligible to apply.

Other Requirements:

  1. Applicants Must be Non-Chinese Citizens
  2. Applicants should be good in mental and physical condition
  3. Applicants should have good moral character
  4. Applicants for Bachelors degree studies must have a high school certificate and be under the age of 25
  5. Applicants for Masters degree studies must have a bachelors degree and be under the age of 35
  6. Applicants should have a good English language skills

Required Documents for Applying:

  1. CSC Application Form.
  2. The highest degree diploma verified with official stamps should be provieded. (Notarized photocopy)
    1. Bachelors’s program applicants: High School Certificate 
    2. Masters program applicants: Bachelors degree diploma 
  3. The highest degree Transcript obtained from university with verification stamp. (notarized photocopy)
    1. Bachelors’s program applicants: High School Certificate 
    2. Masters program applicants: Bachelors degree diploma 
  4. Passport Scan
  5. Two recommendation letters (For Masters degree applications on)
  6. Foreigner Physical Examination Form
  7. Regarding English Language Certificate


The last date to apply for Dali University CSC Scholarship 2020 is 30th June, 2020

How To Apply for Dali University CSC Scholarship 2020:

Applicants must have to finish the following steps for applying to Dali University, please make sure you finish each of the following steps as required and before the specific time.

Students have to apply on the CSC portal and also on Dali University admission portal. Step by step procedure is given below.

There are 2 steps for applying at Dali University CSC Scholarship 2020

Step 1:

  1. First of all, applicants should go to the CSC official website to register themselves. CSC applicant for can be seen HERE
  2. After Login, the "Program Category” should be “Type B” and Select Program Agencies Code is 10679
  3. Submit the form after filling all of your details

Step 2:

 Apply on the Dali University admission portal online.

  1. Create an account at the online application portal of Dali University, Apply Here
  2. Fill the application form
  3. Save and upload the required documents.
  4. Submit the form

Contact Information:

International Students Admission

Education & Service Center for International Students

Dali University

No.2 Hongsheng Road, Dali, Yunnan 671003


Telephone: +86-872-221-8978

Fax: +86-872-221-8979



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