Do you want to groom your skills? Do you want to take your entrepreneurship skills to the next level? Then get ready because Savvyfellows platform is providing 12 week virtual fellowship program for the international aspirants for Early Stage Entrepreneurs. There is no fee to apply for this virtual fellowship program.

Savvy Virtual Fellowship Program for Worldwide Aspirants:

Savvy is a wonderful virtual fellowship program for passionate and talented young professionals trying to be part of a new generation of effective entrepreneurs. The Savvy Fellowship begins with 12 weeks of rigorous e-learning experience. As a Savvy friend, you will learn everything from ideas to scale. What you learn during the program is to understand your customers, to develop a product or service that effectively addresses their critical challenges and effectively puts them in your market.'

After 12 weeks, you can request a Certificate of Completeness to proudly share it with your business network. Savvy Fellows with accounts up to 12 weeks can apply for a full certificate for the Virtual Fellowship Program. Accounts under 12 weeks of age are not automatically eligible to request a certificate. The savvy fellowship is for everyone because they don't see color. They are one. They are interested in exceptional young professionals.

If you want to engage in Practical Learning, Simultaneous Mentorship, and Life-long Community then Savvy Virtual Fellowship program is waiting for you.

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Savvy Virtual Fellowship Program Detail:

Type: Fellowship

Eligibility: International Aspirants

Degree: No Degree Restriction

Access Mode: Virtual

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Benefits of Savvy Virtual Fellowship:

There are many benefits which is associated with this fellowship program. You will learn a lot of life ling skills from the expert ones. Some of the benefits detail is also given below:

Practical Learning:

In the period of 12 weeks, you will learn how to initiate, build, and measure effects of your work. Using visual presentations, they will help you answer all the relevant questions that will help you start an effective impact venture, achieve rapid stability, fit into the product market and enter new business horizons.Savvy Fellowship is for any of your good business, no matter in which country you are.

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Simultaneous Mentorship:

During your fellowship program, you would be introduced to mentors, which is a great way to better understand your industry. There are two types of mentorship: expert and peer-to-peer. Because not all enthusiastic peers have the same experiences, therefore more experienced and knowledgeable peers will guide others. Some selected individuals will seek expert advice from industry experts.

Life-long Community:

"Once a Savvy Fellow, always a Savvy Fellow." Savvy is not just for a 12 week learning, assessment and mentoring program, it is a life-long learning process. After the fellowship, you can access your savvy fellowship account and access their weekly updates, including business signals, indicators and opportunities.



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Learning and Assessment Plan of Savvy Fellowship Program(Week wise):

Savvy Virtual fellowship is a fully planned program consisting of 12 weeks with all the given plan objectives. 

Week 1: Your Customer

This week is all about your target customers, different solutions related to your customers, how can we make a comfortable for our customers.

Week 2: Your Product or Service

In this week, you will learn about the building of your product or service, how does it work, how people can interact with it, benefits for the customers, making an effective product or service, unique product, the effectiveness of the solution, minimum steps to solve customer problems, developing additional features.

Week 3: Your Competitors

In this week, you will learn about competitor or substitute solutions, their market place, the difference between different competitor or substitute solutions, how we can save from our competitor, how we can protect ourself.

Week 4: Your Market

In this week, You will learn about your industry, your market, the study of your market, your market revolution, different market strategies, how market change itself, problems in the market, etc.

Week 5: Your Revenue Model

In this week, you will learn about your revenue, how to make good money, what should be priced, different price for different customer segments, choosing the best price for the market, venture’s Break-Even point, different plans to Boost Sales.

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Week 6: Your Customer Activation, Acquisition & Retention Strategy

In this week, you will learn about getting customers attention, how to advertise your products or service, using of social media for advertisement or recruitments, paper brochures, paying for the advertisements, incentives for the customers to urge them to keep buying, how to provide, After-Sales Customer Service,  keep points for value proposition to the customers, results of your communication strategy, your product or service evaluation by the customers, stimulation, and facilitation of your product, word of mouth about your products, plan to acquire new customers, cost to convert a new customer, etc.

Week 7: Your Operations

In this week you will learn about your different operations in house or delegation, key processes in different operations, points to achieve your impact objectives, different activities, how to balance your business, facilities, and equipment you require etc.

Week 8: Your Business Structure

In this week, you will learn about the legal structure does your social enterprise has, special regulations covering your profession, stage of development of your venture, most important milestones to date, etc.

Week 9: Your Go-to-Market Strategy

In this week you will learn about a strategy to develop the business and scale your impact, conquer your market and tackle the social problem, physical resources needed for your commercial operations, impact objectives, partnerships, etc.

Week 10: Your Team

In this week, you will learn about key people in your organization, how to gather team, how to manage team,  team responsibility, skills, and competences, finding the perfect team, how to identify a customer problem, need of skills to attract money, people, and other resources. 

Week 11: Your Fundraising Strategy

In this week, you will learn the money you need to raise to launch your activities,  from where to get money, Access funds to cover impact costs, why someone will give you investment, the structure of your deal that you are going to be done, the planned exit strategy for investors, anticipated return on investment for investors, desired capital structure

Week 12: Your Partners

In this week you will learn about resources that need to be located inside your social enterprise, partners that are critical to achieving your commercial objectives, motivation underpins each partnership, finding the best partner for your business, structure your partnerships.

Eligibility Criteria:

Applicants should keep in mind the following criteria to apply for this fellowship program.

Eligible Countries:

Applicants belonging to any part of the world are eligible to apply

Other Requirements:

  1. The fellowship is open to all aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs
  2. There is no cohort
  3. There is no ethnic restriction
  4. Applicants age limit must be 18 - 40 years old
  5. Applicants should be willing to complete the fellowship program


There is no deadline for the Savvy Virtual Fellowship Program. Candidates can apply throughout the year at any time and any day.


How to apply for Savvy Virtual Fellowship Program:

There is a very easy process to apply for this virtual fellowship program. All the application procedure is online. All you have to do is go to apply online whose link is given below, Fill all the required fields, write all of your detail correctly, After doing all the procedure, click on the apply button. 

ScholarshipsTree Network wishes you good luck for your future success!

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