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Atlantic Fellowship in USA 2022 | Fully Funded 

The Atlantic Fellowship in the United States is offering a very distinctive opportunity to the individuals who want to enhance and advance their study and knowledge of health justice. This is a fully-funded leadership program in the United States and there is no cost to participate in the Atlantic Fellowship in USA Scholarship.

 This fellowship is open to all young leaders who are life changer and committed to work hard to reduce health disparities and. The Atlantic Fellowship for Health Equity is a prospective initiative to make the world realize that everyone in the world deserves a fair chance to live a healthy life no matter from which race or ethnicity they belong to. Under this program fellows will have a chance to join the lifelong global network of professionals.

 This program is an amazing opportunity for the individuals who are change-maker and eager to fight for health inequalities and  they are imaginative and daring in the way they envision solutions and who want to bring care and collaboration into their practice and  understand the significance of equality and want to advance their careers in  changing the world through collective and collaborative approaches So, the individuals who have above mentioned visions must join this fellowship program because under this fellowship the fellows will participate in rigorous academic coursework as well as sessions on leadership and skills development, and practical approaches to fostering social change.

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Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in program activities of the Atlantic Institute after graduating, such as conferences, seminars, and grants to support ongoing collaborative equity-focused  projects. They will get to know the important issues related to health disparities, such as racism and racial inequality among health care professionals. They will learn to develop the strategies for addressing health-related inequities facing organizations, communities, and societies. Fellowship program will help to build personal leadership skills in fellows so that  fellows will be able  to make a meaningful contribution to organizations and communities. Through this fellowship  a network of leaders will be established all over the world who will be able to work in diverse organizations and promote health equity within and outside of those organizations.

This Program will deepen and expand the understanding of topics related to health equity and will give a global understanding of how these issues intersect. Most importantly, it will work as  a reminder of how work and lives of people all over the world are interconnected.The fellowship program is a step toward more equitable, healthier, and inclusive societies. Furthermore, this fellowship provides a free opportunity for global leaders who have demonstrated a past commitment to health

The Atlantic fellows for health equity came into  being in January 2017 and was known as the leaders for health equity fellowship program in history. It was established with the understanding that a healthy society and economic progress are linked together. The founders of this fellowship program were driven by understanding of social justice, and by understanding that  it was their responsibility to make sure that all people have equal rights and everybody should have  equal access to a healthy life and well-being. Health Equity Fellowship is a fantastic platform to  bring together a large number of people and perspectives to achieve this aim. The more people from different sectors will be involved in this program the better will be the results to bring the change.

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Detail of Atlantic Fellowship in USA 2022:

Country: United States of America

Host University: George Washington University in Washington, DC

Program Dates: June 2021 - April 2022

No. of Participants: 20 fellows

What are the Benefits of the Atlantic USA Fellowship 2022:

The fellows who will participate in the program will have mentioned below benefits

  1. All the travel expenses of the fellows related to participation in the fellowship will be covered by the program

  2. The fellows will have network building opportunities through this program because people from all over the world will be participating in the program

  3. Fellows will have a chance to attend meetings of diverse people throughout the year

  4. The fellowship will provide team-based learning opportunities to the fellows so that they will have confidence and different ideas to work on inequality health issues.

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Eligibility Criteria:

  1. This fellowship is open for all people including both national and international candidates can apply

  2. This fellowship encourages the change maker and imaginative individuals like  entrepreneurs and organizational leaders  to apply for the program

  3. The candidates must have to show their commitment they had in the past to serve for health equity through their projects or work

  4. The candidates must demonstrate a satisfactory project proposal with modern skills and approaches to solve health disparities

  5. The fellows must be efficient in English so that they can attend the program properly  and are able to present their ideas

  6. The fellows must be able to come to Washington twice to attend the fellowship program

  7. Fellows need to work actively and dedicatedly in the fields related to health

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How to Apply for the Atlantic Fellowship in the USA 2022?

  1. The applications will be accepted online through official website from all over the world so the  candidates have to apply online
  2. In case the applicant is head of their own organization they will have to submit a reference letter from one of the board of directors of the organization or from  the person who will be working in the same field but in another organization
  3. The applicants have to provide their working professional details and all the required data correctly.


The fellowship is open to all nationalities and the deadline for application for the fellowship is May 1, 2022.


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