The Lisa Jardine Grant Scheme has become a symbol of academic excellence and innovation in the United Kingdom. Over the years, it has supported a diverse array of early-career researchers and doctoral students, allowing them to pursue their passions and delve into uncharted territories of knowledge. By encouraging interdisciplinary research, the scheme has facilitated meaningful collaborations between scholars from various fields, resulting in groundbreaking discoveries that transcend traditional academic boundaries. Moreover, the grant's emphasis on fostering a vibrant intellectual community has led to a supportive and inspiring environment for scholars to thrive, exchanging ideas and pushing the frontiers of their respective disciplines.

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Through the Lisa Jardine Grant Scheme, the Royal Society has paid tribute to the legacy of Professor Lisa Jardine, a visionary scholar who dedicated her life to bridging the gap between the humanities and the sciences. Professor Jardine's enduring impact on academia continues to influence the grant's objectives, which aim to promote cross-disciplinary research and innovation. By recognizing the value of integrating different fields of knowledge, the scheme has played a crucial role in dismantling academic silos, encouraging researchers to explore new perspectives and methodologies in their work. This interconnected approach has not only enriched individual projects but also contributed to the advancement of collective human understanding.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Lisa Jardine Grant Scheme is its lasting impact on the recipients. Beyond providing financial support, the grant offers a unique opportunity for scholars to gain recognition for their work and expertise. The prestigious nature of the award has opened doors for many young researchers, leading to fruitful collaborations with esteemed institutions and scholars both within the UK and internationally. The grant's reputation for supporting groundbreaking research has further enhanced the career prospects of its beneficiaries, enabling them to establish themselves as leading experts in their respective fields.

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The Lisa Jardine Grant Scheme's success lies not only in the monetary support it offers but also in the invaluable networks and opportunities it creates. By fostering an environment of knowledge exchange and collaboration, the scheme has catalyzed a culture of open-mindedness and curiosity within the UK's academic community. As grant recipients share their findings and insights with peers from diverse disciplines, they contribute to a collective intellectual dialogue that transcends institutional boundaries. This sharing of knowledge has the potential to inspire new avenues of research, leading to transformative discoveries that address some of the world's most pressing challenges.

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Detail of The Lisa Jardine Grant Scheme:

Country: UK

Supported By: The Royal Society

Duration: 12 months

Intake date: January 2023

Type: Fully Funded

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Subjects covered: 

Please keep in mind that all the activities must combine the subjects like humanities and natural sciences, other covered subjects are given below:

  1. Intellectual History
  2. Cultural History
  3. History of Science
  4. Philosophy of Science
  5. History of Art
  6. Historical Geography
  7. Early Modern Science

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Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Applicants belonging to any part of the world are eligible to apply
  2. Applicants with doctoral degrees and a minimum of one year's experience toward their thesis are eligible to apply
  3. Researchers should have Ph.D. degree taken within the last 10 years
  4. Activities will be limited to some of the subjects
  5. Applicants have to do their research at the Royal Society
  6. Kindly check your complete eligibility HERE before applying

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Duration of the Grant:

The grant amount will be provided in the first 3 months which should be used within 12 months period.

Results available: 

The administration will inform the selected applicants about the results within 6-8 weeks after the closing dates.

Contact Information:

If you have more queries, feel free to contact us at


  1. Application opening date: 22 June 2023
  2. Application closing date: 28 September 2023
  3. The period in which research should take place: 2 Jan 2024- 20 Dec 2024


Benefits of The Lisa Jardine Grant Scheme?

If you want to test your research skills then this is the best chance for you to complete your research on Fully Funded UK Scholarships. The Lisa Jardine Grant Scheme at the Royal Society is offering grants for traveling and living expenses. However, its detail is given below:

  1. Up to £2,000 per month, the stipend will be given for a maximum of 3 months to cover the expenses of travel and living during the period of attending the Royal Society collections.
  2. Up to £2,000, grant will also be granted for international travel to any relevant research destination


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The last date to apply for The Lisa Jardine Grant Scheme is 28 September 2023

How to apply for The Lisa Jardine Grant Scheme?

The complete process is online. You have to apply through The Royal Society's online application management system called Flexi-Grant. Please read the complete instructions HERE before applying.

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