Oxford Clarendon UK Scholarships 2024 | Fully Funded

The Oxford Clarendon UK Scholarships are prestigious awards offered by the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. These scholarships are designed to support outstanding graduate students from all around the world, providing them with the opportunity to pursue their studies at one of the most renowned educational institutions in the world. With a strong emphasis on academic excellence, the Clarendon Scholarships are highly competitive and sought after by aspiring scholars across various disciplines.

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One of the key benefits of the Oxford Clarendon UK Scholarships is the financial support they offer to successful candidates. Recipients of these scholarships receive full funding for their tuition fees, along with a generous stipend to cover living expenses during their studies at Oxford. This financial support allows students to fully focus on their academic pursuits without the burden of financial constraints, enabling them to make the most of their time at the university and engage in groundbreaking research and intellectual exploration.



In addition to the financial support, the Clarendon Scholarships also provide scholars with access to a vibrant academic community and a wealth of resources. Scholars are welcomed into a diverse and intellectually stimulating environment, where they can collaborate with leading academics and fellow students from all over the world. The University of Oxford offers state-of-the-art research facilities, extensive libraries, and a wide range of academic and social events, fostering an atmosphere of learning, innovation, and cultural exchange.

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The Oxford Clarendon UK Scholarships are open to students applying for master's and doctoral programs across various disciplines. The selection process is highly competitive and based on academic merit, ensuring that only the most talented and promising individuals are awarded these scholarships. The Clarendon Scholarships not only provide an exceptional educational experience but also open doors to numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth. Alumni of the Clarendon Scholarships have gone on to make significant contributions in their respective fields, establishing successful careers as researchers, academics, policymakers, and leaders in various industries worldwide.

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Benefits of Oxford Clarendon UK Scholarships 2024:

One of the biggest benefits of Clarendon Scholarships in the UK is that they are giving Fully Funded Scholarships to support coming international students: The detail of benefits is given below:

  1. Full tuition fee waiver 

  2. The grant for housing allowances will be given annually for up to £17,668

  3. Students will also be able to mesmerize with different cultures, historic places, and theaters

  4. Selected Students will also get the memberships of Clarendon Scholar’s Association

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Eligibility Criteria:

  1. No matter, applicants can belong to any race, nationality, gender, or ethnicity

  2. Applicants can apply for full-time and part-time Master’s or Doctoral degree program

  3. Applicants should have excellent academic results

  4. Applicants should apply for admission in masters or doctoral program

  5.  Please remember that Diploma and Postgraduate courses are not eligible

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Scholarship Timeline:

There is a different pattern regarding the Scholarship timeline in which different sections take part:

  1. Selections Process

  2. Divisional allocation of Clarendon scholarships

  3. Notification of Clarendon scholarship decisions

You can see more detail about the scholarship timeline HERE

Departments and Faculties:

The following departments and faculties are working at Oxford University. You can also see the full list of courses HERE

Humanities Division

  1. Ruskin School of Art
  2. Faculty of English Language
  3. Faculty of Classics
  4. History of Art
  5. Faculty of History
  6. Interdisciplinary Courses
  7. Humanities Division
  8. Faculty of Medieval and ML
  9. Faculty of Linguistics, P and P
  10. Faculty of Oriental Studies
  11. Faculty of Music
  12. Faculty of Theology & Religion
  13. Faculty of Philosophy

Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division

  1. Department of Chemistry
  2. Mathematical, Physical and LS
  3. Department of Computer Science
  4. Department of Engineering Science
  5. Department of Earth Sciences
  6. Department of Materials
  7. Environmental Research
  8. Department of Physics
  9. Mathematical Institute
  10. Department of Statistics
  11. Department of Plant Sciences
  12. Department of Zoology

Medical Sciences Division

  1. Department of Biochemistry
  2. Oxford Institute of Clinical Psychology 
  3. Department of Clinical Medicine
  4. Department of Experimental Psychology
  5. Department of Clinical Neurosciences
  6. Oxford Neuroscience
  7. Medical Sciences 
  8. Department of Orthopaedics, RRMS
  9. Radcliffe Department Of Medicine
  10. Sir William Dunn School of Pathology
  11. Department of Oncology
  12. Department of Physiology, A & G
  13. Department of Paediatrics
  14. Department of Primary Care HS
  15. Department of Pharmacology
  16. Department of Surgical Sciences
  17. Department of Population Health
  18. Department of Women's & RH
  19. DEPARTMENT OF Psychiatry

Social Sciences Division

  1. School of Anthropology and ME
  2. Saïd Business School
  3. School of Archaeology
  4. Department of Economics
  5. Centre for Criminology
  6. School of Geography
  7. Department of Education
  8. Oxford Internet Institute
  9. School of Global and AS
  10. Department of Politics and IR
  11. Oxford Department of ID
  12. Centre for Socio-Legal Studies
  13. Faculty of Law
  14. Department of Social Policy 
  15. Department of Sociology

Department for Continuing Education

  1. Humanities
  2. Medical and Health Sciences
  3. Mathematical, Physical & LS
  4. Social Science


You have to submit your admission application by the relevant January deadline for your desired course.

How to apply for Claredon UK Scholarships:

A separate application to apply for Claredon UK Scholarships 2023 is not required. Your application for admission at Oxford University will also be considered for Claredon UK Scholarships. Kindly apply before the deadline.

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