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Stress Management online course will help you to learn all the new strategies and techniques to cope with your anxiety. In our daily life, we have different types of stress but we don't know how to manage them. It is a free online course for stress management techniques covered by a highly professional trainer.- you can also apply at Ireland Government Scholarships 2023

In our daily life, we face a lot of stress related to our studies, career, family, and anything else. We should also know how to manage it. By this age, we already know that stress is our part of life, We cannot run from this. All we can do is apply some stress management techniques in order to get relief from our anxiety. With such methods, we can manage our daily life and can exclude the massive impact of stress that is affecting our life.

In the past year, 74% of the population are been caught with stress. So in order to cope with this stress, we should know different methods or techniques to maintain balance in our lives with stress. There are a lot of trainers and platforms that teach people how to do stress management with different strategies. Some teach in a physical class and some teach on the online platform. One of the platforms is Alison where NPTEL (The National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) has designed a stress management course which is absolutely free.

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About the Stress Management Course Online:

NPTEL has done research on this topic and found various methods to manage our stress. They teach the relationship between exercise and stress. One can easily learn different methods to deal with emotional and problematic stress to find inner peace. You can also do some useful tricks to manage your anxiety.

If you are getting stressed by your daily routine, career, job, or any other factor that is giving you anxiety and you do not know some good methods to get rid of it. If you have no time and no fee to attend class physically to learn coping methods to escape from stress, Then this will be a good chance for you. You will study different strategies and exercises. This will help you to boost your mental health. This training will also enhance the positive connection between the brain and the body. After this course, you will be able to live a healthy life with balanced mental and physical health.

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After completing this online course for stress management, you will learn

  1. Various coping methods
  2. Coping strategies according to different individuals
  3. Different approaches to learning maladaptive and adaptive
  4. Problematic focused coping
  5. Emotional focused coping
  6. Relaxation techniques imaging methods
  7. Autogenic training
  8. Exercising techniques
  9. Aerobic exercise
  10. Anaerobic exercise

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. You can enroll absolutely free and study
  2. you will need at least 80% marks in order to become an Alison graduate
  3. After completing your assessment you will be able to get the certificate

Benefits of Certificate:

  1. You will have the credibility to make your CV strong with this certificate
  2. A certificate is a sign that you are a consistent learner and you run your commitment very smooth
  3. a great impression to add it your lifelong learning

Types of Certificates:

There are 3 types of certificate

  1. A digital certificate
  2. Certificate
  3. Framed Certificate

How to apply:

It's an online course. You just have to enroll yourself. There is no fee for the online course. But if you want to get certified then you have to pay some charges to get that certificate.

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