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About National Tsing Hua University:

in 1911, National Tsing Hua University was founded as the Xinhua Academy in Beijing.In 1956, Then the Shanghai National University was re-established in 1956. Since its inception, NTHU has become a comprehensive research university offering a wide range of degree programs in science, engineering, technology, social sciences, humanities, and management. NTHU has consistently been one of the leading universities in East Asia.

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Detail of National Tsing Hua University Scholarship in Taiwan 2022:

Country: Taiwan

Host University: National Tsing Hua University

Degree: Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral programs

Eligibility: Worldwide Students

Categories: Undergraduate scholarships / Bachelors scholarships, graduate scholarships, Masters scholarships, postgraduate scholarships, Ph.D scholarships, doctoral scholarships

College of Science

  1.     College of Science
  2.     Department of Mathematics
  3.     Institute of Statistics
  4.     Department of Chemistry
  5.     Interdisciplinary Program of Sciences
  6.     Institute of Astronomy
  7.     Institute of Computational & MS

College of Engineering

  1.     College of Engineering
  2.     Materials Science Engineering
  3.     Chemical Engineering
  4.     Power Mechanical Engineering
  5.     Nanoengineering and Microsystems
  6.     Industrial Engineering and EM
  7.     Biomedical Engineering
  8.     Interdisciplinary Program of Engineering
  9.     Dual Master Program for GOM

College of Nuclear Science

  1.     College of Nuclear Science
  2.     Department of Biomedical Engineering & ES
  3.     Department of Engineering & SS
  4.     Institute of Analytical and ES
  5.     Institute of Nuclear Engineering
  6.     Interdisciplinary Program of Nuclear Science   

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

  1.     College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  2.     Department of Foreign Languages
  3.     Interdisciplinary Program of Humanities
  4.     Department of Chinese Literature
  5.     Institute of History
  6.     Institute of Philosophy
  7.     Institute of History
  8.     Institute of Anthropology
  9.     Institute of Sociology
  10.     Graduate Program on Taiwan Studies   
  11.     Institute of Taiwan Literature
  12.     Institute of Linguistics

College of Life Science

  1.     College of Life Science
  2.     Department of Life Science
  3.     Department of Medical Science
  4.     Interdisciplinary Program of LS
  5.     Institute of Bioinformatics and SB
  6.     Institute of Molecular and CB
  7.     Institute of Molecular Medicine
  8.     Institute of Systems Neuroscience
  9.     Institute of Biotechnology

College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

  1.     Department of Electrical Engineering
  2.     Interdisciplinary Program of EE & CS
  3.     Department of Computer Science
  4.     Institute of Communications Engineering
  5.     Institute of Electronics Engineering
  6.     Institute of Photonics Technologies
  7.     Institute of Information Systems and Applications 


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College of Technology Management

  1.     College of Technology Management
  2.     Double Specialty Program of MT
  3.     Department of Economics
  4.     Department of Quantitative Finance
  5.     Institute of Law for Science and Technology
  6.     Institute of Technology Management
  7.     EMBA
  8.     Institute of Service Science
  9.     MBA
  10.     EMBA Shenzhen
  11.     MPM
  12.     MFB
  13.     IMBA

College of Education

  1.     College of Education
  2.     Department of Special Education
  3.     Department of Education & LT
  4.     Department of Early Childhood Education
  5.     Department of kinesiology
  6.     Department of Educational P&C
  7.     Interdisciplinary Program of Education
  8.     Department of English Instruction
  9.     Department of Environmental and CR
  10.     Graduate Institute of Mathematics & SE
  11.     Institute of Taiwan Languages and LT
  12.     Center for English Education
  13.     Institute of Learning Science & tech 

College of Arts

  1.     College of Arts
  2.     Interdisciplinary Program of TA   
  3.     Department of Music
  4.     Department of Arts and Design

Taipei School of Economics and Political Science

  1.     Taipei School of Economics and Political Science

Tsing Hua College

  1.     Tsing Hua College
  2.     Physical Education Office
  3.     Center for General Education
  4.     Center for Language Education
  5.     Military Education Office
  6.     Arts Center
  7.     Research Center For Technology and Art
  8.     Residential College
  9.     Tsing Hua Interdisciplinary Program
  10.     Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  11.     Regional Innovation Center
  12.     International Bachelor Degree Program

Office of Academic Affairs

  1.     International Intercollegiate MS Program
  2.     International Intercollegiate PhD Program


National Tsing Hua University Taiwan Scholarships 2022:

Applicants from all around the world can apply for National Tsing Hua University Taiwan Scholarships 2022. These scholarships will be given from different sources like different government organizations. The list of scholarships with expected benefits, sources, and how to apply procedure is given below:

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NTHU International Student Scholarship

The detail of the NTHU International Student Scholarship is given below with benefits.

Benefits of NTHU International Student Scholarship:

  1. Doctoral students: NTD 20,000 to 40,000 / month.
  2. Master students: monthly grant of NTD 5,000 or yearly grant of NTD 60,000
  3. Bachelor students: monthly grant of NTD 5,000 or yearly grant of NTD 60,000
  4. Tuition and Credit fee waived

These scholarships would be considered for renewal on the basis of merit.

Scholarship Supported by: Office of Global Affairs at NTHU

How to apply for NTHU International Student Scholarship:

There are different procedures for different degree programs, if you want to apply for a doctoral degree program, you can go HERE. If you want to apply for a bachelor's or master's degree program, you can go HERE. If you want to see the rules and regulations of the NTHU Scholarship program, you can simply see HERE


Taiwan Scholarship

The detail of the Taiwan Scholarship at NTHU is given below:

Benefits of Taiwan Scholarship at NTHU:

  1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Monthly grant of NTD 30,000
  2. Ministry of Science and Technology: Monthly grant of NTD 30,000
  3. Ministry of Education
  1. Doctoral students: Monthly grant of NTD 20,000
  2. Master's students: Monthly grant of NTD 20,000
  3. Bachelor students: Monthly grant of NTD 15,000

Scholarship Supported by: Taipei Economic and Cultural Office or Taiwan Embassy

How to apply for Taiwan Scholarship at NTHU: 

If you want to apply for Taiwan Scholarship 2022 at NTHU then you have to see its complete applying procedure, which you can easily see HERE

Academia Sinica IGS Scholarship

This is also one of the available scholarships at NTHU, if you want to see its benefits that what they are offering to their coming international students, you can see HERE. Also if you are agreeing to apply for this scholarship, you can simply go HERE to see all the applying procedure detail.

Scholarships Supported by: Academia Sinica

Taiwan International CD Fund:

Taiwan Embassy is involved in this scholarship package, with many benefits that you can see HERE, and also you can also check its applying procedure HERE


ITRI & NTHU Coordinated GP:
ITRI & NTHU Coordinated GP is also offering its scholarship facilities to NTHU for coming students. The detail is given below.

Benefits of ITRI & NTHU Scholarship in Taiwan:

  1.   Monthly grant of NTD 10,000
  2.   Paid internship at ITRI
  3.  Master’s student: Monthly Stipend of NTD 35,000 to 45,000
  4.   Ph.D student: Monthly Stipend of NTD 45,000 to 65,000 
  5. Airfare subsidy

How to apply for TRI & NTHU Coordinated GP:

You have to apply to the Office of Global Affairs at NTHU  and details can be found HERE

Fulbright NTHU MDP Scholarship:

As its name shows, it is Full Bright with many Fully Funded benefits, hence the detail is given below.

Benefits of Fulbright NTHU MDP Scholarship:

  1. Monthly Stipend: NT$25,000
  2.  A one time only baggage and settling allowance of NT$36,000
  3. Credit and Tuition Waiver
  4. Student Dormitory
  5. National Health Insurance
  6. Round-trip Air Ticket

How to apply for the Full Bright NTHU Scholarship:

The organization that is supporting this scholarship is Full Bright. The applicant should be a US citizen, it is compulsory. Applicants should also have a bachelor's degree certificate. Applicants should also meet the conditions of this scholarship HERE. If you want to apply for this scholarship, you should visit HERE


The last date to apply for NTHU Fall 2022 session for a bachelor's degree is 31 January 2022. Whereas, for graduate admission, the last date is 28, February 2022.

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