How to Write an Effective CV? What are the tips to write a professional CV? What are the Top Winning Tips for professional CV writing to apply for scholarships, internships, Fellowships, Exchange programs, etc? These questions come into our minds when we try to write a CV. In the following article, you will find all the information that will acknowledge you with the tips and tricks to write a beautiful good looking professional CV so you can impact a good impression on the recruiter.

How to Write an Effective CV? Tips for CV  Writing

We use CV in many fields of life. It is very important to write an effective CV. In the following article, you will learn how to create an effective curriculum vitae also known as a CV. Read this article carefully and follow all the steps mentioned below.

What is CV?

Curriculum Vitae often referred to as a CV, is a document used by job seekers to demonstrate their academic and professional achievements. It is used to apply for positions in fields where a person's special knowledge or skills are required. A curriculum vitae CV is often lengthier than a resume and should include information that the employer needs to verify the applicant's skills, experience, and educational qualifications.

In most countries, a CV is usually the first document a potential employer sees when examining candidates for employment interviews, scholarships, bursaries or grant applications, etc. When sending a CV and other application documents for an overview of the applicants to the employer, some applicants may send a physical copy of the required documents by email, depending on the employer's job requirement.

It plays an important role in the selection of a candidate for a position in a firm. It shows a person professionally as well as personally.

What are the Top Winning Tips for professional CV writing to apply for scholarships, internships, Fellowships, Exchange programs, etc? What are the main steps if we want to impact a good impression on the person who is viewing our CV for scholarships, Exchange programs, Fellowships, internships, jobs, etc?

CV for Scholarships: 

Effective CV would be more helpful if you want a good scholarship abroad. You can mention your qualification in a decent manner. Effective CV can help you to define your educational results in a more suitable way.

CV for Jobs:

Effective CV plays an important role in a job interview. An interviewer accesses you in just no time when he/she sees your CV. At a first glance, after viewing your CV, he/she make his/her mind whether you are suitable for this job or not. So your CV should be good enough to impress the interviewer.

CV for Internships:

Effective CV can become more fruitful for getting your position in an internship. You should know that how you can write your expertise in such a way that interviewer should select you for the internship program after seeing your CV.

Why designing a Professional CV is crucial?

  1. Why write a good CV?
  2. Is CV writing is a sensitive part?
  3. Why some people prefer to hire a CV writer expert?
  4. Why there are so many companies offering professional CV writing services?
  5. Why CV writing experts charge heavily from the applicants?
  6. Why do peoples emphasize writing the best CV?
  7. Why do we think that CV writing is so much difficult?
  8. Is a good CV really have a good impact on the interviewer?
  9. Is CV really tell about us quickly?
  10. Why CV plays an important part in our position?
  11. Is a lengthy CV is a good or a short CV?
  12. Do we really have to pay some money if we want to get the best CV?
  13. Can I become a CV writer expert?

Besides the above, there are many others questions that we think about the CV. First of all, we should keep in mind that Before meeting with a recruiter, the only way to communicate directly with you is through your CV. Your CV leaves an impression on a job seeker as to whether or not to meet with you in person. It's not about the good impression or bad impression. We are talking about impressions and we know that the first impression is the last impression. So our first impression should always be good. A proper CV is the best way to increase your chances of going to the employer.

The following information would give you answers to many of your questions.

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Guidelines to Write an Effective CV:

Everybody wants to seek guidance that how he/she can write an effective CV? How he/she can impact a good impression of himself/herself to the recruiter? Kindly read the below information:

  1. The student should include his official name, email, and address.
  2. Candidate should never use personal conscience i.e. 'I'
  3. An applicant should never mention irrelevant information such as gender unless that information is required.
  4. An international student should never include a picture of himself/herself that has caused any bias till then.
  5.  The student should also mention his/her practical achievements and abilities. He/she should not include experience if he/she does not have a certificate.
  6.  A candidate should avoid complex words and flowery words. Candidates should include simple language showing his/her professional skills.
  7.  An international student should always include work-related experience and qualifications from the latest to the oldest.
  8. An applicant should review the CV for any intermittent or grammatical errors
  9. The student should never include any reference till the time of need.
  10. Applicants should include their contact number with International Country Code +92-123-1234567.
  11. An international student should never include a hobby or interest in an effective CV. Don't write about your hobbies and interests, they are not inviting you to be friends.
  12. The candidate should always design the CV according to the specific job, education, or internship requirements.
  13. The CV should be based on one page but it can be 2 pages but not more than that as it takes more time to review the application which the recruiters do not have.
  14. 14-The student should design the relevant CV as per the requirements of the employer.
  15. 15. Applicant should always use PDF format for e-mailing CV and cover letter so that page settings should not be disturbed while printing.
  16. Before applying for a particular job or place, a candidate should review the CV and search for keywords as per the need for that particular job. For example, a clinical dietitian professional may use words in job skills or training, such as "counselor", "diagnosis", or anthropometric measurement.

No matter how good you are in your skills, if you do not show professional writing in your CV, your chances of getting selected will be very low.

A CV should be a balanced document that reflects your interest in the job, your interest in the firm, your dedication, and your area of ​​interest. You will be judged by the recruiter from the CV page.




Writing an effective CV is not a difficult task, but you should keep in mind all points that are given above. Practise makes and man perfect. Try to write your own CV by following the above points. Then get checked your CV from your Senior(Teacher, Professor, Mentor, Expert). Mark out your mistakes and then rewrite until it becomes a professional good looking effective CV.

ScholarshipsTree Network wishes you good luck for your future success!

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