Guangxi University CSC Scholarship 2020 - Fully Funded - Study in China

Applications are invited for Guangxi University CSC Scholarship 2020 for International Students to pursue their Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degree level programs in a well-recognized university in China. CSC Scholarship 2020 is a Fully funded scholarship which is supported by the Chinese Government Scholarship that will cover all the major expenses of the students like tuition fee, medical insurance, monthly stipend and accommodation etc. 

Guangxi University CSC Scholarship 2020 - Fully Funded - Study in China

Guangxi University has developed into a region-featuring research university with 30 colleges. It boasts 97 undergraduate majors, master degree station of 36 primary disciplines and 171 sub-disciplines,  doctoral degree  stations of 8 primary disciplines. The green tree shade, scented blossoms, fragrant grasses and rippling lakes bring a beautiful and quiet environment to the campus. Guangxi University promotes culture inheritance and innovation and actively carries out international culture communication and exchanges. 

Every year the Chinese Government offers a bundle of scholarships for International Students in different universities of China. The China Scholarship Council is the Chinese Ministry of Education's non-profit organization that provides support for the International Academic Exchange with China. CSC provides both funding for Chinese citizens and residents to study abroad, and for foreign students and scholars to study in China. The agency predominantly provides scholarships to individuals, including in batches allocated to specific foreign universities.

An applicant for the Chinese Government Scholarship also known as CSC Scholarship can apply for CSC Scholarship in many Chinese Universities at the same time. As per the details verified by the Chinese Scholarship Council, International Students have the liberty to apply for admission and scholarships in all universities across China. However, you have to fill a separate CSC scholarship online application and submit it separately to each university.

CSC Scholarship 2020 in Guangxi University is such an excellent opportunity for International Students to pursue Undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral degree level programs. The duration of the scholarship is 2 Year, 4 Year, 6 years(Depend upon the program you choose). There are bundle of programs available for Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. degree level. Programs are available both in Chinese as well as in the English medium courses. Many International Students are already currently studying in Guangxi University. CSC scholarships 2020 will cover about all the major expenses of students like full Tuition Fee, Accommodation, Medical Insurance, Monthly Stipend and much more. Students from any nationality are eligible to apply. 

Guangxi University CSC Scholarship 2020 Detail:

Funds Coverage: Fully Funded

Scholarships Country: China

Scholarships Hosting University: Guangxi University

Scholarships Offered By:  Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) Under the Chinese Government

Degree Level:  Undergraduate(Bachelors), Master and Ph.D. Degree Programs in all Fields.

Duration: 2 Year, 4 Year, 6 years(Depend upon the program you choose)

 Available Majors and Fields: 

Guangxi University CSC Scholarship 2020 is a fully-funded scholarship that would be awarded to foreign students so that they would have to carry on their higher studies with every ease and without any burden. GXU is offering a bundle of programs for students to pursue (BS/MS/ M.Phil) and Ph.D. Degree. Multiple programs are available both in the Chinese medium as well as in the English medium also. Its depend upon student's choice in which medium he/she wants to study. The duration of the scholarships is 2,4, 6 years (Depend upon the program you choose). Following is the list of schools that are working under Guangxi University.

International  College:

Bachelor Degree

Chinese Language, Economics(Chinese Business Culture)

Master Degree

Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages(TCSL)

Business School

Bachelor Degree

Marketing, Financial Management, Business Administration, Accounting,     Tourism Management, Agricultural Economy and Management, Finance, Public Finance, Economics, International Economics and Trade  

Master Degree

International Business, Finance, Tourism Administration, Business Administration,    National Economics, Political Economics, Finance, Public Finance, International Trade, Economics of Industrial Organization, Labor Economics, Regional Economics, Quantitative Economics, Statistics, Accounting, Financial Management,    Enterprises Management, Tourism Management, Technical Economics and Management, Agricultural Economics and Management

Doctor Degree

International Trade, Industry Organization, Labor Economics, Regional Economic     Quantitative Economics, National Economic, Public Economics, Financial Economic    Public Finance, China - ASEAN Regional Economics

School of Public Policy and Management

Bachelor Degree

Public Affairs Management, Philosophy(Philosophy of Management), Social Work

Master Degree

Philosophy of Marxism, Chinese Philosophy, Foreign Philosophy, Philosophy of Science and Technology, Philosophy of Management, Administrative Management,      Social Security, Land Resource Management, Public Economy and Social Governance, Educational Economy and Management, Sociology, Public Administration

College of journalism and communications
Bachelor Degree

Journalism, Journalism of Radio and Television, Advertising, Art of Broadcasting and Anchoring

Master Degree

Journalism, Advertising, Communication, Media Economics, Journalism and Communication

College of Agriculture

Bachelor Degree

Agronomy, Plant Protection, Horticulture, Agricultural Resources and Environment,      Sericology   

Master Degree

Botany, Crop Cultivation and Farming System, Crop Genetics and Breeding, Plant Germplasm Resources, Crop Environment and Ecology, Pomology, Olericulture,     Protected Horticulture, Soil Science, Plant Nutrition, Environmental Ecology,    Plant Pathology, Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control, Pesticide Science,     Sericology, Crop, Horticulture, Agriculture Resource Utilization, Plant Protection,    Rural Regional Development, Organization and Service of Agricultural Technology,     Agricultural Informatization,  

Doctor Degree

Crop Cultivation and Farming System, Crop Genetics and Breeding, Plant Germplasm Resources, Crop Environment and Ecology, Plant Pathology, Botany

School of Civil Engineering and Architecture  

Bachelor Degree

Civil Engineering, Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering, Architecture, Urban Planning

Master Degree

Civil Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Solid Mechanics, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Engineering Management

Doctor Degree

Civil Engineering  

School of Computer, Electronics and Information

Bachelor Degree

Computer Science and Technology, Network Engineering, Information Security,     Electronic Information Engineering, Communications Engineering, Electronic Commerce  

Master Degree

Computer System Architecture, Computer Software and Theory, Computer Application Technology, Information Security and Electronic Commerce,     Information Processing and Communication Network System, Software Engineering,     Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Technology, Software Engineering

College of Animal Science and Technology

Bachelor Degree

Animal Science, Veterinary Medicine, Aquaculture     

Master Degree

Zoology, Animal Genetics,Breeding and Reproduction, Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, Basic Veterinary Medicine, Preventative Veterinary Medicine, Clinical Veterinary Medicine, Aquaculture, Agricultural Extension (Cultivation),     Agricultural Extension (Fisheries), Veterinary Medicine

Doctor Degree

Animal Genetics,Breeding and Reproduction, Basic Veterinary Medicine    Preventative Veterinary Medicine, Clinical Veterinary Medicine

College of Electrical Engineering

Bachelor Degree

Electrical engineering and its automation, Automation, Agricultural Electrification

Master Degree

Electrical Engineering, Electric Machines and Electric Apparatus, Power System and Its Automation, High Voltage and Insulation Technology, Power Electronics and Power Drives, Theory and New Technology of Electrical Engineering, Control and Optimization of Complex Systems, Control Science and Engineering, Control Theory and Control Engineering, Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment,     Management Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering,    Industry Engineering

Doctor Degree

Power System and Its Automation, Control and Optimization of Complex Systems,     Electric Power Equipment and Intelligent Information Technology, Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems, Power Electronics and Power Drives,     Theory and New Technology of Electrical Engineering

  College of Liberal Arts

Bachelor Degree

Chinese Language and Literature, Literature of Theater and Television, International Education in Chinese   

Master Degree

Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, Regional Cultural Studies      Comparative Literature and World Literature, Chinese Modern and Contemporary   Literature, Chinese Minority Language and Literature, Chinese Ancient Literature     Chinese Classical Literature, Chinese Language and Characters, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Study of Art and Literature

School of Law  

Bachelor Degree


Master Degree

Jurisprudence, Constitutional and Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Civil and Commercial Law, Economic Law, Law of Procedure, Law of Environment and Resource, International Law, Law(on the premise of undergraduate degree of law), Law(on the premise of undergraduate degrees other than law)

College of Forestry

Bachelor Degree

Forestry, Ecology, Landscape Architecture, Landscape Gardening, Wood Science and Engineering

Master Degree

Ecology, Forest Tree Genetics and Breeding, Silviculture, Landscape  Architecture (academic), Wood  Science  and  Technology, Landscape  Architecture(professional), Master of Engineering (Forestry Engineering),      Agriculture (Forestry)  

Doctor Degree


School of Arts

Bachelor Degree

Music, Dance, Fine Arts, Environment Design, Visual Communication Design

Master Degree


College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Bachelor Degree

Chemical Engineering and Technology, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Professional Chemical Industry of Forest Products, Process Equipment and Control Engineering    Applied Chemistry, Chemistry, Energy Chemical Engineering    

Master Degree

Chemical Engineering and Technology, Chemical Technology, Chemical Engineering    Applied Chemistry, Biochemical Engineering, Industrial Catalysis, Pharmaceutical engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Chemical Process Equipment, Chemical Processing, Engineering of Forest Products,     Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Power Engineering

Doctor Degree

Chemical Engineering and Technology, Chemical Technology, Chemical Engineering,     Applied Chemistry, Biochemical Engineering, Industrial Catalysis,     pharmaceutical engineering

College of Life Science and Technology

Bachelor Degree

Biotechnology, Bio-engineering, Bio-pharmaceutics

Master Degree

Microbiology, Genetics, Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,    Fermentation engineering, Bio-engineering

Doctor Degree

Microbiology, Genetics, Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

College of Light Industry and Food Engineering

Bachelor Degree

Packaging Engineering, Light Chemical Engineering, Food Science and Engineering    Food Safety and Quality, Food Science and Engineering (Sugar Engineering)

Master Degree

Packaging and Printing Engineering, Pulp and Paper Engineering    Food Science and Engineering, Sugar Engineering  

Doctor Degree

Sugar Engineering

College of Mathematics and Information Technology

Bachelor Degree

Financial Mathematics, Management Science, Information Management and Information System, Information and Computing Science, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics    

Master Degree

Fundamental Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics,    Operational Research and Cybernetics, Probability theory and mathematical statistics,     Statistics

College of Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor Degree

Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and Automation, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and Automation(China-France Cooperation Educational Program),     Vehicle Engineering, Logistics Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering,        Energy and Power Engineering, Energy and Power Engineering(Excellent Engineer Training Program), Agricultural Mechanization and Automation

Master Degree

Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and  Automation, Mechatronics Engineering,      Mechanical Design and Theory, Vehicle Engineering, Thermal Power Engineering     Power Machinery and Engineering, Agricultural Mechanization Engineering     Mechanical Engineering, Logistics Engineering, Power Engineering      Agricultural Mechanization

College of Physics Science and Technology

Bachelor Degree

Physics, Electronics Science and Technology   

Master Degree

Theoretical Physics, Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics, Condensed Matter Physics,     Optics, Radio Physics, Engineering  Thermophysics, Thermal Power Engineering,     Optoelectronic Materials and Devices, Materials Physics and Chemistry,     Materialogy, Materials Engineering

School  of  Resources, Environment and Material Science

Bachelor Degree

Materials Science and Engineering, Materials, Processing and Controlling Engineering, Metallic Materials Engineering, Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mineral Resource Engineering, Safety Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering   

Master Degree

Condensed matter Physics, Materials Physics and Chemistry, Hylology, Materials Processing Engineering, Material Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mining Engineering, Mineral Processing Engineering, Geology and Mineral Resource Prospection, Chemical Metallurgy and Separation Engineering, Safety Science and Engineering

School of Marine Science

Bachelor Degree

Marine Sciences

College of Foreign Languages

Bachelor Degree

English, Translation, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese

Master Degree

Foreign Languages and Literature, Translation and Interpreting, MTI(Chinese and English Translation), MTI(Chinese and English Interpreting), MTI(Chinese and Japanese Interpreting)

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Financial Aid Coverage: 

Guangxi University is known as one of the well-recognised university in China. Its basic aim is to enhance student educational level beyond limits. Guangxi University CSC Scholarship 2020 applicants are Open Now and It is an excellent opportunity for those students who have a dream to study and explore Chinese Culture and Environment for Undergraduate (Bachelors), Master (MS/ M.Phil) and Ph.D. Studies. Be ready to Study in China. Guangxi University through Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC) supports a Fully funded scholarship that covers all of the major expenses of the student. No extra expense burden would be imposed to student. 

Expenses Which Will Cover By CSC Scholarship 2020:

  1. Full Tuition Fee
  2. Free Accommodation
  3. Comprehensive Medical Insurance

Approximately Monthly living Allowance will be Given:

  1. Undergraduate Degree Students: CNY 2,500 RMB 
  2. Master Degree Students: CNY 3,000 RMB
  3. Doctoral Degree Students: CNY 3,500 RMB

Eligibility Criteria:

Eligibility Criteria is not tough to apply for this CSC Scholarship but Candidates must be able to fulfill the following criteria to avail this Fully Funded CSC Scholarship for their study at Guangxi University of Technology CSC Scholarship 2020.

Eligible Countries:  Students from any nationality are eligible to apply.

Other Requirements:

  1. Applicants should be non-chinese citizens
  2. Applicants should be in the healthy physical condition
  3. Applicants for Master’s degree studies must have a Bachelor’s degree and be under the age of 35
  4. Applicants for Doctoral degree studies must have a Master’s degree and be under the age of 40
  5. Applicants should respect and observe the laws and regulations in China.
  6. Applicants should have a good command of English or Chinese and be able to take courses in English or Chinese.

Required Documents for Applying:

  1. CSC Application Form.
  2.  Guangxi University application from their admission portal HERE
  3. The highest degree diploma verified with official stamps should be uploaded. (Notarized photocopy)
  4. The highest degree Transcript verified with official stamps should be uploaded. (notarized photocopy)
  5. Foreigner Physical Examination form
  6. A study or research plan or personal Statement (800 words minimum)
  7. Regarding Language Certificate
  8. Published Articles (If Any)
  9. Works of Arts (If Any)
  10. Works of Music


The last date to apply for Guangxi University CSC Scholarship 2020 is 30 April, 2020

How To Apply for Guangxi University CSC Scholarship 2020:

To complete the application for Guangxi University "Chinese Government Scholarship", please make sure you finish each of the following steps as required and before the specific time.

Students have to apply on the CSC portal and also on GXU admission portal. Step by step procedure is given below.

There are 3 steps for applying at Guangxi University CSC Scholarship 2020

Step 1:

  1. Students first have to visit CSC form to Register on CSC Portal: Registration Form
  2. After Login, the "Program Category” should be “Type B” and Select Program Agencies Code is 10593
  3. After filling in the application form online, applicants must click the "submit" button and download, printed and signed.

Step 2:

 Apply on the Guangxi University admission portal online.

  1. Create an account at the online application portal of Guangxi University, Apply Here
  2. Fill the application form
  3. Save and upload the required documents. Click the SUBMIT to generate the application form, which should be downloaded and printed out.

Step 3:

      After submitting the online application at Guangxi University admission portal , download and print out the application form. REMEMBER to print 4 copies(Hard Copies) and send to university posting address given below by any courier service

Mailing Address:

Contact Person: Mr. Chen Lang

Tel: +86-771-3235229



Postcode: 530004


Student Administration Office, International College, 

Room A105, International College, East Campus, Guangxi University

No. 100 East Daxue Road, Nanning, Guangxi, P. R. China 


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