Winter Internship 2020. Get ready to avail winter internship 2020 which is offering by Fatima AL-Fihri Open University for the students living all around the world. There are bundle of benefits and many positions that are available under Fatima AL-Fihri Open University Winter Internship 2020 program. - have you applied at Fully Funded France Scholarships - Study in France

Fatima AL-Fihri Open University Winter Internship 2020

FAOU (Fatima Alfairi Open University), a non-profit international online organization, is registered as a European digital company in Estonia. The university was founded in 2016, and since then they have created courses by professors in various disciplines such as management, politics, immigration, gender, etc.

They believe that free and open education is a right for all, and that is why they have created many educational programs that are available everywhere and unconditionally or without entrance exams. It is a university that offers you higher education with free and easy self-study options in the world, regardless of age, country, educational or cultural background.

Because almost everyone in the United Nations and development agencies see education as a key driver of development, they see it as a developed world in which individuals can easily access higher education. We believe that the more they work tirelessly towards the goal of sustainable development, and the more enthusiasm they have, the better life opportunities they can all have.

Benefits of Fatima AL-Fihri Open University Winter Internship 2020:

What you want more when you can have the opportunity of free internship and free study in a well-reputed organization / institution. The complete detail of benefits which would be given by this winter internship program is given below:

  1. No program fees
  2. Flexible work timing (from 6 to 8 hours a week)
  3. Remotely Training during the program
  4. Internship certificate would be provided by the end of the program
  5. Providence of Support to apply for some scholarships program or participation in other programs and events
  6. For the various social programs activities, An international work environment would be provided

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Internship Requirements:

Following is the eligibility criteria is given to apply for this winter internship program.

  1. Proficiency in the English language
  2. Basic understanding of computer and internet applications
  3. Access to internet at least twice a week
  4. Act in a fast-paced environment and ability to learn
  5. Ability to work efficiently as part of a team or individual
  6. High motivation to learn and grow professionally
  7. Ability to work in a multi-ethnic, multicultural, environment and to maintain effective working relations with people of different areas

Available Posts:

There are certain posts that are available for internees under Fatima AL-Fihri winter internship program. These posts would be provided according to the selection criteria by the selection committee. 

  1. Human Resources Officer:
  2. Communication Officer
  3. Partnership Officer:
  4. Marketing Officer
  5. Social Media Editor
  6. Social Media Officer
  7. Pedagogical Affairs Officer
  8. IT Officer
  9. Platform Officer
  10. Photo Designer and Editor
  11. Video Designer and Editor
  12. Newsletter Manager

 Human Resources Officer:

  1. Manage HR data at FAOU
  2. Communicate with the internal team members and respond to public queries / issues
  3. Coordinate with other Human Resource (HR) colleagues on implementing every HR instructions and rules
  4. Working with the HR Manager to prepare any recruitment campaigns

Communication Officer:

  1. Communication with potential donors and partners
  2. Arrangements for coordination between the department of public relations and the council of directors of the University
  3. Communication with University teams for help sharing and collection of data and information 
  4. Analysis of the data collected and prepare reports based on it

Partnership Officer:

  1. Search for potential partners and formulate partnerships proposals
  2. Communicate with potential partners and donors
  3. Support partnership negotiations and meetings

Marketing Officer:

  1. Communicate with other University teams members for help sharing and collecting of data and information
  2. Analysis of the data collected and prepare the final reports based on it
  3. Working on Marketing strategies to promote any university brand and courses

Social Media Editor:

  1. Possess best writing skills in the English Language
  2. Possibility of posting on the page many times per week
  3. Ability to work on image editing 

Social Media Officer

  1. Possess best writing skills in the English Language
  2. Good ability to run different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  3. Creative ideas to increase the followers and drive the audience

Pedagogical Affairs Officer:

  1. Good communication and coordination skills
  2. Ability to join a team working on the different designing educational programs
  3. Best ability to analyze data and reports to help the university suggest new courses
  4. Ability to draft pedagogical files
  5. Search and communicate with new teachers and professors
  6. Coordinate and Facilitate one of the Courses (Modules) at the University

IT Officer:

  1. Experience in the field of different applications and internet
  2. Give support to University teams to solve the different IT problems

Platform Officer:

  1. Experience in the field of Web designing
  2. To help in developing the content, be a part of the platform Team

Photo Designer and Editor:

  1. Design different and creative photos for educational courses 

Video Designer and Editor:

  1. Edit and Design videos for educational courses

Newsletter Manager:

  1. Work closely with directors of departments and managers of different teams to collect information about the project
  2. Draft a Monthly Newsletter with all collected information
  3. Engage in 1 to 1 conversation and contact with members of the University to cover their monthly updates.


The last date to apply for Fatima AL-Fihri Open University Winter Internship 2020 is 14 November, 2020

How to apply for Fatima AL-Fihri Winter Internship 2020:

All the application applying procedure is completely online. All you have to do is to apply online at the online application portal given by Fatima AL-Fihri Open University. The link to apply online is given below. Alternatively, you can visit HERE for an online application.

For more queries, you can contact here at:

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