Reboot Health & Wellbeing Conference in Switzerland by WHO

Do you have such a genius idea that how we can save others' life? Do you think that modern technologies can make our life better in many ways? Then it's a golden chance for you to prove yourself. World Health Organization(WHO) is providing such a great opportunity to worldwide students so that they can contribute in making the world a better place. WHO will arrange a reward ceremony for the winners in Switzerland. - Have you applied at University of Sheffield Masters Scholarships in UK

Reboot Health & Wellbeing Conference in Switzerland by World Health Organization

More than a million teens ages 10 to 19 die every year - more than 3,000 a day largely preventable causes. The main causes of death are many, and most of these deaths can be prevented through quality health services, education and community interventions. But in many cases, no basic laws and structural interventions exist or are not implemented, and adolescents cannot access critical prevention and care services either because of the lack of services because they do not know about them, because they are prevented from accessing them, or because they cannot benefit from them. 

The World Health Organization is challenging you to use your bright minds and entrepreneurial skills to tackle one of the urgent health challenges of the next decade and follow the slogan of keeping young people safe. This idea, presented by the World Health Organization, aims to address the various social, economic, environmental and commercial determinants of health by creating enabling environments in which people feel confident, empowered and supported to effectively address these factors. Involving young people in identifying solutions to factors that undermine their safety is equally important. 

Applicants would have to post an idea on the WHO website(link given below) wait for its review from all our the world and selection committee. Winner will get a chance to attend a rewarding ceremony in Switzerland.

Reboot Health & Wellbeing Conference in Switzerland by WHO 2020 Detail:

Scholarships Country: Switzerland

Offered By:  World Health Organization

Degree Level:  No degree level is required

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Themes/Topics of Ideas:

Don't waste your valuable ideas. Instead, make them publish and show to the world. The main motto of this program is "Keeping young people safe". So to follow this motto, here are the main topics/themes for which students /people have to express their ideas to prevent deaths.

  1. Road Traffic Injury
  2. Suicide 
  3. Interpersonal Violence
  4. HIV
  5. Diarrhoeal Diseases.
  6. Harmful use of alcohol, tobacco and drug use 
  7. Lack of Physical Activity 
  8. Poor Diet
  9. Unprotected Sex during Adolescence
  10. Child Maltreatment
  11. Pregnancy-related Complications
  12. Social
  13. Economics
  14. Environmental
  15. Commercial determinants

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There are many possibilities in order to solve the issues described above. The possibilities may contain 

  1. Applications or games
  2. Wearable devices, digital technologies, tools, platforms, or products
  3. Create or improve products, services, and processes
  4. New approaches to collaboration or communication, or new ways to engage youth and / or other stakeholders
  5. Policy reform proposals

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Financial Aid Coverage: 

Candidates from all over the world are invited to contribute to the "keeping young people safe" motto from giving their worthful ideas. After successfully submitting your idea. Candidates will have to wait for reviewing their idea from all over the world.

The winners and their proposals will be mentioned on the WHO public website and invited to attend an award ceremony at WHO’s Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland in June 2020. Flights and accommodation will be covered by WHO, in accordance with its rules and procedures, for up to three winners (one individual representative of each winning proposal).

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Eligibility Criteria:

Eligible Countries:  People from any nationality are eligible to give their ideas.

Other Requirements:

  1. Individuals and groups of four are invited to respond to the challenge by providing a proposed solution to the challenge

  2. There are no age restrictions

  3. Only one (1) is permitted for each individual or group of individuals

  4. Applications must be submitted in your personal capacity, not as an organization's representative

  5. Applications will be accepted globally

  6. Priority will be given to posts that demonstrate respect for gender diversity and the involvement of youth at risk, affected, or living with the issue / risk / disease / condition in developing the solution in question

Academic Requirements:

The is no Academic Background requirement

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Required Documents:

  1. A one-page short description of your idea, solutions or tool
  2. A video of yourself/yourselves explaining the solution
  3. An online working solution or prototype of your tool or a video of it in action
  4. Source code of the solution
  5. If your submission is a policy reform proposal, you may submit an additional document. However, the one-page short description (point 1 above) must contain all the key aspects of your proposal.

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The last date to submit your ideas is 15 April, 2020


  1. Deadline: 15 April 2020 11:59 PM
  2. Review date: 15 to 22 April 2020
  3. Program date: June 2020
  4. Duration: one week

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How To Apply for Reboot Health & Wellbeing Conference in Switzerland:

All process is online. Please read the Application Rules HERE carefully to ensure that you are eligible to apply and your submission is consistent with the rules. Winners will be featured on the challenge webpage on this page HERE

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